How do I include the Tax Authority and Tax Exemptions while importing transactions into Zoho Books from Zoho Invoice?

If your organization is based out of the United States, it is necessary to have all the information regarding Tax Exemptions and Tax Authorities in the file you are going to import into Zoho Books.

Follow the steps below to include the fields Item Level Tax Authority and Item Level Exemption:

  • Create an new organization in Zoho Books and select U.S.A. as the Country.
  • Export the invoices from Zoho Invoice organization.
  • Create 2 columns in the exported CSV namely Item Level Tax Authority and Item Level Exemption.
  • Fill the Item Level Tax Authority in all the rows of the CSV indicating whether the Item is taxable or non taxable and if the given Tax Authority should be taken into account.
  • Fill the Item Level Tax Exemptiononly for those invoices/rows which are exempt from taxes.
  • This will make the invoices non taxable, and will associate the given tax exemption to those invoices.
  • Save the file.
  • Now import that CSV file into Zoho Books. While importing, map the Item Level Tax Authority and Item Level Tax Exemption.
  • The Item Level Tax could be mapped with existing rows.
  • Leave out the all the invoice related tax columns ( Invoice Level Tax, Invoice Level Tax Type, Invoice Level Tax %, Invoice Level Tax Authority, Invoice Level Exemption ) empty. This is because if you had mentioned the tax at item level, there is no necessity to give the tax at invoice level as well.
  • Finally, click on Import. All your transactions will now get imported seamlessly.
  • You can repeat the steps for quotes, sales orders etc.
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