How do I track inventory for an item?

To track inventory for an item, you’ll have to enable Inventory Tracking in your organization. To enable:

  • Go to Settings in the top right corner of the page.
  • Select Items under Preferences.
  • In the General, scroll down and check the Enable Inventory Tracking option. Then, enter the Inventory Start Date.
  • Click Save.

Now, you can track inventory for both new and existing items.

To track inventory for an item:

  • Go to Items on the left sidebar.
  • Click + New in the top right corner to create a new item or select an existing item and click Edit.
  • Enter the item details and check the Track Inventory for this item option to enable inventory tracking for the selected item.
  • Enter the following fields:
    • Inventory Account: Select the account in which you want to track the inventory of the item
    • Reorder Point: When the stock reaches the entered reorder point, a notification will be sent to you.
    • Opening Stock: The stock available for sale at the beginning of the accounting period.
    • Opening Stock Rate per Unit: The rate at which you bought each unit of the opening stock.
  • Click Save.

Now, the selected item’s inventory will be tracked in your organization.

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