While importing my transactions/contacts into Zoho Books what are the recognised formats for GST related information?

While importing transactions/contacts from a CSV or TSV file, you have certain formats for GST related information. The below section lists out various headers and their formats for GST related information that are recognised by Zoho Books.

  1. GST treatment:

Header - GST Treatment

Recognised format for GST treatment,

  • For registered business - business_registered_regular
  • For businesses registered under composition scheme - business_registered_composition
  • For business in SEZ - business_sez
  • For unregistered business - business_unregistered
  • For consumers - consumer
  • For overseas - overseas
  1. GSTIN number:

Header - GST Identification Number (GSTIN)

Recognised format,

  • The 15 digit GSTIN number, for example - 04AABFN9870CMZT
  1. Place of supply / Destination of supply / Source of supply

Header for place of supply - Place of Supply
Header for destination of supply - Destination of Supply
Header for Source of supply - Source of Supply

The recognised format is same for above three headers, that is,

  • The valid state/union territory codes, for example, Tamil Nadu - TN
  • For the valid codes of all states and union territories, click here.
  1. Item Tax:
    Tax is represented using different headers for different modules. But the recognised format is the same for all headers.

Header format,

  • Item module has two headers for default tax preference,
    • Inter State Tax Name
    • Intra State Tax Name
  • For transactions, header - Item Tax

The recognised format for item tax is same for all the headers. They are as follows,

  • CGST
  • SGST
  • IGST
  • Reduced Rate
  • Standard Rate
  • Higher Rate
  • Zero Rate

Note: You can download the sample file from the import page to ensure that your file is perfect for the import.

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