How do I merge customers/vendors?

You can merge a customer with a customer and a vendor with a vendor. The process to merge either customers or vendors are the same.

Note: Customers/Vendors that contain the same currency can only be merged.
Transactions associated with the customer/vendor, once merged, will be listed under the master customer/vendor’s transactions.

To merge two customers/vendors:

  • Go to the Sales > Customers (for customers) or Purchases > Vendors (for vendors), and select the contact you want to merge.
  • Click the More drop down in the top right corner of the details page and click Merge Customers or Merge Vendors.
  • Select the Master Customer or Master Vendor you want to merge with and click Continue.
  • Click Confirm to merge.

merge customers/vendors

If you would like to merge more than two customers/vendors, go to the Customers or the Vendors module and select customers/vendors you would like to merge. Click More > Merge and follow the steps mentioned above.

merge multiple customers/vendors

The master customer/vendor will retain all the transactions of the merged customers/vendors and the merged customers/vendors will be marked as inactive. You can mark the customers/vendors active again but this will not transfer the transactions back to the merged customer/vendor.

Insight: You cannot merge a customer to a vendor. But in case, a person is both a customer and a vendor, you can link them. Select the customer/vendor you want to link > More > Link to customer/vendor. Linking customers to vendors will treat them as two different customers/vendors and will not merge their transactions. Learn More.

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