I have set up ’n’ workflows for an email alert to be sent at varied time intervals. What should I do if I want all the workflows to stop if the status of a quote/invoice has been changed?

Let us consider an example where you wish to send an email reminder to the customer every 7 days after raising the quote. To get the workflow to stop once the status has been changed, ’n’ workflows have to be created, one for each period.

  • Enter the Required Workflow Name.
  • Please select the Workflow Type as Date Based.
  • In the Date of Execution, select 7 Days after Quote Date for the first workflow.
  • Enter the required Execution Time and select Once as the Execution Cycle. Please click on Next.
  • Once this is done, Under Filter the Triggers section, Select Quote Status is Sent. Under Actions, set the required actions as per your needs. Click on Save.
  • Similarly, create two more Workflows and have the required Date of Execution as 14 Days after Quote Date and 21 days after Quote Date and so on for the required duration.

By doing so, after a quote has been sent, the workflow will trigger an email alert 7 days after the quote date until the status of the quote is Sent. If the status of the quote changes to Accepted or Invoiced, the second workflow will not be triggered as the Status for the second workflow was set as Sent.

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