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How to migrate from Front to Zoho TeamInbox

  • Last Updated : July 5, 2023
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Zoho TeamInbox is a shared inbox platform where you can create common inboxes for your teams, access emails, and collaborate together, helping you build a transparent workspace. Our simple and easy lossless data migration ensures a smooth transition from Front.

Why choose Zoho TeamInbox?

  • First and foremost, Zoho TeamInbox gives you the benefit of having an easy and simple inbox setup. Create teams for your organization, configure inboxes, add members, and start managing your internal and external communications - all in a matter of a few minutes.
  • Built on top of the robust Zoho Mail, you do not have to worry about the privacy and security of your data in Zoho TeamInbox. Our data centers are equipped with top-notch security layers to ensure the confidentiality of your data. Data is encrypted both at rest and in transit. Store huge volumes of data, have complete control over it and experience a secure and ad-free shared inbox platform.
  • You can create and use multiple sender addresses per inbox. You are not forced to use only the source address of your inbox as the sender address. There are a lot of modern-day use cases where your team would want to use multiple other sender addresses for your inboxes and you can do just this with Zoho TeamInbox. For instance, Jake is assigned to an email received at marketing@zylker.com. He can now make a reply using either jake@zylker.com, eu-marketing@zylker.com, or the source address itself. Zoho TeamInbox allows you to use the sender address that is the most fitting for your scenario. Click here to learn more about associating multiple sender addresses with your inbox.
  • Finally, our flexible and affordable pricing plans make Zoho TeamInbox ideal for organizations of any size.

Migrate data from Front

If you are the admin of your Zoho TeamInbox organization, you can migrate emails and comments of all the users, from your Front account to Zoho TeamInbox account.

Steps to migrate from Front to Zoho TeamInbox

Step 1: Creating a new token in Front.
Step 2: Setting up migration from Front to Zoho TeamInbox
Step 3: Providing organization settings
Step 4: Mapping users

Before you start the migration, there are a few prerequisites that you might want to keep in mind.

Step 1: Creating a new token in Front

The first step in the migration process is to generate an API token in Front. Using this token, the emails and comments from Front can be accessed in Zoho TeamInbox. 

Learn how to create a new token in Front.

Step 2: Setting up migration from Front to Zoho TeamInbox

After generating the API token in Front, add it to Zoho TeamInbox.

Learn how to set up the migration in Zoho TeamInbox.

Step 3: Providing organization settings

In the next step, provide the organization settings. This is where you will provide details about the company and the company inboxes of your Front account that you want to migrate to Zoho TeamInbox. 

Learn how to provide the organization settings in Zoho TeamInbox.

Step 4: Mapping users

Mapping is an essential part of any migration process. Mapping ensures the matching of data between the two applications or bridging the differences in both applications such that when data is moved from Front, it is accurate and usable at Zoho TeamInbox. 

Learn how to provide the organization settings in Zoho TeamInbox.

The migration process from Front to Zoho TeamInbox gets started. Once the migration is complete, the status will change from 'Yet to start' to 'Completed'. 

With Zoho TeamInbox, set up your inbox in a matter of a few clicks, use sender addresses according to the context, and sleep in peace with our high-end security features and robust data centers taking care of your data - all at affordable prices that you would not think twice to invest upon.

Happy migration! Facing problems when migrating from Front to Zoho TeamInbox? Feel free to email us at support@zohoteaminbox.com. Click here to access Zoho TeamInbox's 14-day free trial.


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