What do you get for free using Zoho survey?

Zoho Survey helps you create your survey with a simple drag-and-drop interface. It provides various options to share it online and view your responses with real-time reports.

Unlimited Surveys

Start sending out as many surveys as you want - with 10 questions per survey and 100 responses per survey.









25 different question types

Use our 25 different question types to ask feedback from a host of different audiences, including customers, colleagues, friends and just anyone you know.


Drag and drop

Simply click and drag to start building your surveys from scratch. Creating surveys has never been more fun and hassle-free.


Expert-verified templates 

200+ expert verified templates that are editable and which cover different industries and surveying needs.

05HealthHealth care

on the move

Create surveys and send them out on your mobile device using our Zoho Survey mobile app across both Android and iOS. Head into the preview mode to see how it looks on different devices before you send your survey.

ios android

Embed and
in-mail surveys

You can embed the created surveys on your website using HTML code and QR codes. You can also embed your survey questions directly into email campaigns and mass mailers. Feel free to give a shout out on your social media channels too.


Secure surveying

HTTPs EncryptionWe know that you may be dealing with sensitive data while collecting responses for your survey: which is why our HTTPs encryption promises to secure it.

Password-protectionEncrypt your surveys with password protection feature that limits edit and respondent access the way you want.

reports in real-time

Make your survey responses meaningful and derive actionable insights by analysing reports obtained through feedback. Get responses pouring in for your survey in the form of live reports, visual charts and graphs. Play around with your survey data by exporting it as a spreadsheet, PDF, CSV, SPSS and Tablueau.


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Premium Plans
  • Plus 
  • Pro 
  • Enterprice 

Zoho Survey also offers three premium plans for businesses and individuals who would like more from their surveys.

Best feature set compared to other options for the price!


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