Simply secure surveys.

Build surveys that are protected for potential abusers. Secure your surveys, with multiple defenses, from spam responses. Ensure that you receive quality responses and data that is free from any sort of pollution.

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SSL protection

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) ensures that there is a secure connection between a client and server. It acts as a layer of protection, encrypting information transmitted through your survey. Every Zoho Survey comes with the SSL protection, for free.


Protect your survey from automated responses from internet bots. Enable CAPTCHA for your survey. It provides a unique image to verify that every response is provided by a human respondent. Learn how to set up CAPTCHA for your survey

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    "The product is easy to work with and reliable. It was a lifesaver!".

Password protection

Want only a selected group of people to answer your survey? Don't want your survey to be shared with the public, or unwanted outsiders? Just put in a password protection for your survey. Learn how to protect your survey with a password

One respondent, one response.

Restrict your respondents from giving you multiple responses on the same survey. You can choose to ensure that only a single response comes from a computer (IP address) or a unique URL. Learn more about response restrictions