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student satisfaction survey
Creating Your Survey

Would you like to find out about your students' reaction to the curriculum? Or would you like to know more about their opinions on pedagogy? Create your survey with a clear idea of what information you are trying to learn. Check out the above sample student satisfaction survey template as an example.

Each question you add to your survey supports your goal. To put it simply, asking your students if they liked the school's trip to the museum would help you improve your school trips. It would not be appropriate to ask the same while aiming to improve facilities. Personalize your surveys to ask the most relevant questions. With online surveys you can set up your survey to ask follow up questions.

Your questions must be designed to give measurable and unbiased results.
Consider the following questions:
  • How was your school trip experience?

  • How was your school trip experience?

    a. Good
    b. Bad

  • How would you rate your school trip (on a scale of 1-10)?

Question 1 would give you answers that cannot be measured easily.

Question 2 is poorly written and close-ended question. The respondent cannot be neutral in her opinion, resulting in biased and polarized results.

Question 3 would give you a measurable and unbiased picture of your respondents' opinions.

Factors Affecting Student Satisfaction Overall student satisfaction is influenced by four major factors.

This factor includes curriculum, techniques used, and testing methods. Ask your students how they view what they are taught, how they are taught, and how they are tested.


Facilities form the backbone of any school or university. A game of college football can bring an entire campus together, while a single broken bathroom can ruin the day for many students. Ask your students what they think about the facilities.


The environment refers to the interpersonal communication, discrimination, bullying, and so on that surrounds students. It impacts their satisfaction level and plays an important role in how they feel and perform in class.


Student expectations for the school or university also affect satisfaction levels. This is why some top-notch universities rank lower than other colleges in terms of satisfaction. Use student satisfaction surveys to measure and manage student expectations.

Improving Satisfaction

Understand the factors affecting student satisfaction by asking the right questions, to the right people, at the right time.

Work towards improving satisfaction levels. Tell your students every time you implement a policy after these surveys. They are more likely to participate if they appreciate the survey's importance. Also, remember that when it comes to satisfying students, it is impossible to please everyone. It is often a balancing act of keeping most of them happy, most of the time.

student satisfaction survey