You need an alternative.

Being told that a product you relied on is shutting down is always frustrating. This rings especially true when the folks who bought it don't make it convenient to shift to a new platform. Sure, the process of shifting information across databases is especially tedious, but if you have to create your surveys from scratch again, why would you choose SurveyMonkey?

The best FluidSurveys alternative
The best FluidSurveys alternative

Is SurveyMonkey any better than their alternatives?

You need a powerful survey builder, something that can do everything that FluidSurveys did but even better. You need an assurance that the survey builder wouldn't shut down, leaving you stranded, yet again.

Join the Zoho ecosystem of products.

Quality survey software is just one of many amazing products in our menagerie. With access to a wide array of features and tight integrations with other Zoho products, you will be never be left wanting.

The best FluidSurveys alternative
The best FluidSurveys alternative

We will never sell ourselves.

Why? Because we have never taken VC funding, and never will. Our priorities are different; our company has been around for twenty years. We are not trying to liquidate or "look for an exit". We are dedicated to creating better products for our customers for years to come.

  • The best FluidSurveys alternative Danny Peard Client Services Isaacs, Cole Charted Accountants

    "I have tried SurveyMonkey and found Zoho Survey to be more cost effective. Zoho Survey's support staff have been very helpful. I didn't even get a response from Survey Monkey!"

Features to love

Easy creation

Have your survey ready in minutes. Create your own with our drag and drop builder or choose from our collection of templates.

Anywhere responses

Collect your responses online, offline, or on your mobile. Distribute them via email, social media, websites, and more.

Advanced reports

Crunch complicated data into simple reports and charts. Be empowered with the best data management tools and realtime reporting.

  • Features
  • The best FluidSurveys alternative
  • The best FluidSurveys alternative
  • Question types 24 28 20
  • Question and Page Logic YES YES YES
  • Translate Survey 34 languages 20 languages 20 languages
  • Auto-fill and Piping YES YES YES
  • Email Notifications YES YES YES
  • Custom Themes YES YES YES
  • Branding YES YES YES
  • Export and Print Survey YES YES YES
  • Customize Reports YES YES YES
  • Advanced Reporting YES YES YES
  • Export Reports YES YES YES
  • User Management YES NO YES
  • Portal Creation YES NO NO
  • Survey Review YES NO NO
  • Email Campaign YES YES YES
  • Mobile Optimized YES YES YES
  • Offline survey YES YES NO
  • CRM Integration Zoho CRM Third party Third party
  • Website Tracking Zoho SalesIQ NO NO

Price Comparison

The best FluidSurveys alternative
Zoho Survey SurveyMonkey Fluidsurveys
* FluidSurveys customers get a 10% discount on their first purchase.

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