Event Planning Survey


Event Planning Survey

Customize your agenda based on your participants' interests and preferences, and take your event to the next level. Use Zoho's event planning questionnaires to understand their expectations for your upcoming event.

  • Planning a successful event

    Acquire insights on how to plan your event with Zoho's Event Planning Surveys. Learn what your attendees want to do to create a memorable event. Building a rapport with your potential participants will help you conduct a successful event.

  • Questionnaires for event planning

    Planning an event requires a lot of thought and coordination. Designing an agenda based on your participants' interests is the most important step of preparation. Surveys help connect event organizers and customers. Use Zoho Surveys to explore their needs and achieve your goals.

  • Stating the goal of the event

    Explicitly stating the purpose of the event in the beginning of the survey is important. This will give the attendees  a clear idea of the topic of the survey. Remember to include the product name and logo on all the pages. These are simple methods to build trust.

  • Understanding and setting up expectations

    Ask open-ended questions and include a comments column to discover your potential attendees expectations of the event. A short and simple survey gets more responses. You can then prepare a second-level survey with more questions for people who respond to your first round of questions. Also, your questions should be customized for the event.

  • Asking the right questions

    Ask the right questions to the right audience. The questions can be on the preferred dates, venue, speakers, topic, food, and more. You can also use the ranking question type feature to allow respondents to rank the importance of different factors. Relevant questions help you target a committed audience. Prompt the respondents to enter their contact details for more credible responses and to help you address their suggestions.

  • Setting up the next event

    The responses from an event planning survey are a great tool for setting up an event. With a combination of event planning surveys and event feedback surveys, you will know your participants' expectations. Remember to say 'thank you' to everyone who responded to your survey.


    Organized an event lately? Curious about your attendees' thoughts? Zoho's Event Feedback Surveys help you learn how to ensure your next event is a successful one.