Event Feedback Survey


Event Feedback Survey

Promote healthy interaction between organizers and customers by planning your future events based on survey feedback. Zoho Survey will help you put on the best events possible.

  • Know your audience

    A successful event requires great organization and immediate follow-up on your audiences' opinions. Use surveys to get a better handle on your customer base to cater your events more specifically to them.

  • Improved organization for every iteration

    Organized events are the most efficient way for businesses to connect with their employees and customers. Use event feedback surveys to provide unbiased insights into the event's public reception.

  • Listening to event attendees

    Responses from an event feedback survey help you develop smarter marketing strategies and improve customer interaction. Event attendees are usually loyal customers and would typically be happy to provide you with thoughtful and informed feedback.

  • Collecting feedback: know-hows

    The following are a few helpful tips for creating event feedback surveys:


    Asking questions

    • Remember to state the purpose of the survey before starting with the questions. Include your product name and logo on all pages. 

    • Conducting polls prior to the event help you understand what is expected from your program.

    • Go for easy, open-ended questions. Include a comments column that allows attendees to respond without any restrictions.

    • Include questions on the attendees' preferences and choices.  Ask if their expectations were met, how they were welcomed at the event, about the overall arrangements, food, how rewarding the event was, etc.

    • Attendees find it easier to respond if you include likert and rating scales in the survey, resulting in more survey participants.

    • Send the survey questionnaire before it is too late. People start to forget what happened at the event after a few days. You can also send short and simple instant surveys while the event is happening.

    Collecting responses

    • Ask for personal details to make responses more credible. This also helps in addressing any concerns. Encourage them to contact you for any kind of feedback or help. Mention that the responses will be confidential. This prompts people to provide honest opinions.

    • Setting up QR codes in the survey questionnaire can help you get instant feedback from the participants.

    • You can also assign scores to the responses. The scoring feature in Zoho Survey weighs responses.

    Responding to feedback

    • Say 'thank you' to make the attendees feel appreciated. You may consider creating a thank you video and posting it on social media.


    • Never ask questions that would offend your customer.

    • Avoid using irrelevant questions in the survey.

    • Avoid long questions. Most people tend to skip them.

    • Avoid questions that require long answers.

    • Avoid asking too many questions in a survey. People might lose interest and leave it unfinished.

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