Branding and Customization

To enable important actions like adding a logo or enabling navigation, access the Settings Tab. Find all the details in this section.


  • All changes you make in this page will be saved only when you click on Save Settings at the bottom of the page


Add a title and logo to your survey header.

A. Survey Logo

Placing a logo on the header lends a touch of professionalism to your survey. To add a logo:

  • Click Settings
  • Click Browse next to Add logo
  • Select on any one option – From my computer /web URL / My Images


  • If you are selecting “From my computer” then click on the Upload button to select an image.
  • If you select “From Web URL” type in the website URL in the bar. Click Apply
  • If you select “ From my Images” click on the image you want to use and click Apply

B. To set a survey title:

You can either choose to use the name you selected for the survey or use a different title/text to appear on a web page or to your users.

  • Click Settings
  • To use specific text click on the radio button against specific text and type out your text in the bar that appears

Navigation & Customization

Select how you want respondents to navigate through your survey and also customize buttons to give your survey a personal touch.
Under navigation, select the tick boxes against the features you want to enable

Enable back button

The default option does not allow users to go back to a previous page to change an answer. By enabling the back button, users can switch back and forth between pages to view previous questions and/or change answers.

Enable progress bar indicator

Enabling this option could reduce the chances of survey abandonment by respondents . The progress bar on your survey will indicate to them how much of the survey they have completed and how much is left to finish.

Enable question numbering

All your survey questions will be numbered sequentially when this option is enabled.
To enable navigation:
You can choose to enable or disable each option under navigation.

  • Click Settings
  • Under navigation click against each option to enable. A tick mark appears to show that the option is enabled.
  • Uncheck to disable


What is Captcha : It stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart,”
Use a Captcha to secure your surveys from automated bots. A Captcha in place will prevent actions by automated software so you receive valuable data only from genuine respondents (humans)

To customize buttons

There are 3 buttons that you can customize to personalize your survey. They are Submit, Back, Previous

  • Click Settings
  • Under customize buttons, type in a word of your choice in the bars against each button


As part of our branding, a footer having the Zoho Logo will be seen on all free plan surveys. Removing the footer is possible on paid plans only.

  • Click Settings
  • Uncheck the box under Footer

Customize End Pages

You can customize the end page of your survey too. Conclude the survey with a message to users or engage them further by directing them to a web page or to your survey report.

  • Click Settings
  • Scroll down to Customize End Pages

Survey Close Page:

Once you've closed your survey to respondents, the respondents will be able to view your survey close page when they try to access the closed survey. To set a custom message on your survey close page, go through with the following steps:

  • Click Settings
  • Under customize end pages, find survey close page
  • Type out your custom message in the bar to replace the default message.

Survey Termination

You can add logic to your end pages to make them look organized and customize them for different audiences. By doing this, you can generate multiple end pages for the same survey.

End page logic

Customize the way you want the users to terminate your surveys by adding End page logic.
Based on the conditions(logic) applied different end pages can be chosen for a survey.

Questions based End page logic

Based on the responses for a particular question, the end page can be assigned to the survey.
For example: Responding to a Marital Status question, if the respondent chooses Married, the end page can be displayed as a report of that survey.  If the response is Single, the end page could be a Custom thank you page.


  1. Click Settings tab of your Survey Editor.
  2. Click on 'Add termination logic' from the customize end pages section.
  3. From the drop down, select the question for which the condition is to be applied.e.g.,What is your Marital status?
  4. Select the action e.g., Equal to.
  5. From the drop down, select the condition to be fulfilled e.g., Single
  6. Now, select from the options given i.e, the end page type. e.g., Redirect to a URL.
  7. Enter the URL of the new page here.
  8. Click 'Save Settings'.

You can repeat these steps to add logic for different questions and customize end pages based on the replies.

Collector based End page logic

Based on the collector that you've set for the survey, the end page can be displayed.

For example: If you wish to show a particular web page for a set of respondents under the collector you have created, you can use Collector based end page logic.


  1. Click Settings tab of your Survey Editor.
  2. Click on 'Add Collector logic' from the customize end pages section.
  3. From the drop down, select the Collector for which the condition is to be applied. e.g., Single Male
  4. Select the condition to be fulfilled. e.g., Re-direct to a report.
  5. Click 'Save settings'.


  • Out of the conditions specified, if none is satisfied the Default Termination will be shown by default. You can set the default end page accordingly.
  • You can add parameters to the redirect URL and mention parameters as the survey responses.

The options that you choose as an end page based on the logic are detailed below.

Default end page

The default end page directs the respondent to a default thank you page. To select this option, click on the radio button against default end page.

Custom end page

The page that appears at the end of your survey is the end Page with a default thank you message.
To change the thank you message:

  • Click on the Radio button against Custom end page.
  • Type out a custom message in the bar that appears.

Redirect to a new page

On completion of the survey, respondents can be redirected to any web page. For instance, it could be your website home page. Here are the steps to enable this setting

  • Click on the Radio button against Redirect to a new page
  • Type in the complete URL of the (redirect) page.
  • You can also add parameters to the URL. Enter the parameter name and mention the parameters value as the survey responses.

Redirect to Report

You can direct respondents to view the survey report at the end of the survey. For instance, your survey could have a question to rate the most popular features of your product. The respondent immediately gets to see the popularity of his answer choice in the report.
To enable this setting:

Click on the radio button against Redirect to Report 

Respondents' Responses

You can direct respondents to view their own responses at the end of the survey.

Click on the radio button against Respondents' responses to enable this setting.

Do not forget to save your settings. At the bottom of the page, Click Save Settings.