Scrum Board

The personalized Scrum Board is a snapshot of where the team stands at any point in time. Keep your project transparent, with updates to the board sent to the team Feed.

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Scrum Board of Zoho Sprints

Custom Statuses and WIP limits

Segment your workflow further than 'To do', 'In Progress' and 'Done'. Set WIP (Work In Progress) limits to prevent overloading your team and to use their capacity at optimal levels. 

Sort by swimlanes

View work items by sorting them into swimlanes based on story, priority or estimation points, so you know which work items need attention without getting lost in the details.

Know your Sprint Activity

Keep track of the progress in the ongoing sprint with the sprint activity graph. You can see how many work items were added, moved across statuses, closed, reopened, or stayed idle everyday. 

Stay ready to embrace change.

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