Meaningful face-to-face meetings are the key to agility. Sprints helps you achieve this by letting you set an agenda, choose which participants need to be there, and apply time-limits on meetings

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Meeting Reminders

You don't have to worry about logistics. Meeting reminders are sent to each participant's email and feed.

Precise Search

Search through completed and upcoming meetings based on date, sprint, or participants.

Sprint Planning

Sprint Planning and General meetings can be set before a sprint begins to determine what gets done in the next sprint.

Daily Stand-up

Daily Stand-ups during the course of the sprint allow team members to commit to features, discuss risks, and stay on the same page. Zoho Sprints can set automatically recurring Daily Stand-up reminders once the sprint has started.

Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives

Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives ensure that feedback from each stakeholder will make the next sprint even more effective.

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