Five must-have marketing presentation templates

  • Last Updated : April 1, 2024
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Sarah is Zylker Inc.'s new marketing manager and here is her to-do list for launching a new campaign:

Conduct market research for the campaign ✔
Ideate a marketing campaign ✔
Schedule the campaign ✔
Analyze the results ✔
Create a report ✔
Present the report to your team/ stakeholders 😕

Crafting a presentation has never been Sarah's cup of tea. Choosing the right designs with complementary colors and creating a story with slides has always been a daunting task for her. 

But with Zoho Show's free presentation templates for marketers, Sarah can make attractive, compelling slides with ease. 

What are presentation templates?

Presentation templates are a group of slides that contain layouts, colors, fonts, effects, background slides, and designs. Some also include placeholder content. Templates help you create attractive and consistent presentation decks while saving you time on formatting the slides manually. 

Zoho Show offers a wide range of presentation templates for marketing

Zoho Show, an online presentation tool for modern teams, allows you to design professional slides in minutes with Show's free presentation templates. They are spread across various categories like sales, project management, human resources, technology, sales, portfolio, and templates for specific industries. 

These free presentation templates are completely customizable and easy to edit. All you have to do is replace the placeholder content, and you have your slide deck ready to present! You can also customize the colors and font to suit your brand and then download your presentations or export them in any file format of your choice!

What is a marketing presentation?

As a marketer, there are a lot of presentations that you might have to give regularly. This includes pitching your social media and content marketing strategies, reviewing the results of recent campaigns, presenting a new product or service to investors, or updating a brand style guide. 

Zoho Show has various free marketing presentation templates for your needs. In this blog post, we'll discuss five must-have marketing presentation templates.

Brand style guide presentation template

Every organization is unique, and they want their audience to identify their brand with certain colors, imagery, and slogans. A brand style guide presentation template may begin with the brand story, outlining the company's values, mission, and objectives. The presentation should also describe the target audience for the business.

The brand style guide deck contains guidelines for the logo: how, where, and when to use it, why the color palette resonates best with the business, and guidelines for using the image, icons, and fonts. In short, a brand style guide presentation will demonstrate the brand's purpose, tone, and voice. 

What Show offers

Zoho Show's brand style guide presentation template has the perfect slides to create the right brand identity for your business or organization. This free presentation template's vivid slides will help you present a cohesive style guide for your brand with its vivid and bold slides. 


Social media strategy presentation template

Pitching the right social media strategy can make or break your deal. Social media is an important part of building a brand identity for your business or organization. An ideal social media strategy presentation template should discuss the target audience and why you have chosen to promote your product or service to this group. Your presentation should also include the competitors and their strategy.

The next few slides of this marketing presentation should provide an overview of your company's current social media presence of the company and how you plan to increase the engagement with the right marketing campaigns. You'll also need to explain your short and long-term goals. 

What Show offers

Zoho Show's social media strategy presentation template allows you to articulate your social media strategy to get feedback and approval from stakeholders. This free bold red presentation template will capture your audience from the first slide to the last. Pick the template- edit your content- close your deal! 

Marketing Pitch Template

A pitch in business is to present your ideas to your audience. This can be to pitch your idea, strategy, product, service, or company. A pitch deck will precisely contain these ideas that you want to pitch to your team or potential investors or partners. A marketing pitch is to pitch can be used to launch and promote your new product. Basically, to persuade your audience to buy your product or service. 

A marketing pitch template will begin with a solid introduction about your company: it's history, values, mission, and objective. This marketing presentation must include an overview of the product, service, or idea and emphasize its unique selling points. Remember the pitch deck will act as a face of the business, and make sure to include the additional benefits that you'd like to offer to the client. 

What Show offers 

Zoho Show's marketing pitch template has the required slides to help you deliver your unique ideas in an impressive deck. This eye-catching free presentation template will give your brand the impact it deserves. Communicate your vision and strategy with this bold and vivid template. 

Digital marketing strategy presentation template

What is digital marketing? Promoting any product or service through the digital (online) medium so as to reach the potential customers. This could be through email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing. 

A digital marketing strategy could include content marketing, email campaigns, social media, ads, search engine optimization (SEO), or other elements. Your presentation might start with relevant features of should include the company, product, or service. You'll want to analyze competitors and the company's target audience and their geography will be an inevitable part of this marketing presentation The deck will also include the types of digital marketing campaigns you've executed and their results. You may need to pitch a proposed marketing budget and execution plan for the next quarter or year.

What Show offers

Zoho Show's digital marketing strategy presentation template helps you articulate the details of your marketing plan for your business. Customize this bright, energetic template to make an impact on your audience. Lay out your digital media strategy, persuade decision makers, and start conquering the market.

Marketing proposal presentation template

A marketing proposal is a pitch deck that you can use to propose marketing campaigns that will position the brand and product or service to the target audience. 

Apart from the market research, competitor analysis and target audience, the marketing proposal template may include a SWOT analysis in addition to the details of the strategy for the digital marketing campaign and the timeline it will take to achieve the desired results.

What Show offers

Zoho Show's marketing proposal presentation template demonstrates how your marketing plan will drive growth with this modern, graphic presentation template. This  free presentation templates comes with a clean white background, accented with pops of color that help your message stand out. 

Final thoughts

First impressions are always a great opportunity to make an impact, and your slides will set the tone before you even start talking. And that is why it is important to have a well-designed presentation to do the talking. Crafting a well-designed slide deck not only establishes a positive first impression but also helps the audience understand the content. A presentation template offers the benefits of consistency and gives you tools and ideas to create a visual appealing slide deck to improving audience engagement.

Marketing presentations are important for sharing strategies, ideas and insights. Whether it is to your stakeholders or your team communicating your ideas, marketing campaigns, proposals, or pitching an idea is the key. Show's marketing presentation templates helps you save time while you can focus more on decision making and action. 

Check out Show's presentation templates to ace your next presentation in style.

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