Customized for your device Zoho Sheet for Chromebooks

Work seamlessly on your spreadsheets with Zoho Sheet's custom experience for Chromebooks. Create, edit, share, and collaborate on your spreadsheet files on the go. Experience Zoho Sheet's intuitive user interface and helpful shortcuts exclusively made for your Chromebook.

Customized for your device Zoho Sheet for Chromebook

Visualize and analyze your data, your way

Whether you're breaking down numbers using formulas or bringing them alive with charts and pivot tables, Zoho Sheet has all the tools that you need to analyze your data accurately.

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Work together, at your convenience

Zoho Sheet's extensive collaboration features also extend to your Chromebook, so you can share your spreadsheets, make comments, and work on them in real time with your colleagues, wherever you are.

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Work Together, at your convenience

Compatible with Excel

Import your XLSX, XLS, and CSV files and start editing them hassle-free using Zoho Sheet

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Artificial intelligence at your fingertip

Get instant insights about your data, along with recommended charts and pivot tables from Zia, Sheet’s AI-powered virtual assistant. Ask data-related questions and get accurate answers in seconds.

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Printed copies to spreadsheets in seconds

Convert tabular data in printed copies or images into spreadsheets instantly using Data from Picture. Simply pick the image from your gallery, and create an interactive spreadsheets in seconds!

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Grab your Chromebook and get started with Zoho Sheet right away!

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