Dear Customers, 

It’s that time of the year again and we thought we should let you know in advance. As a part of our annual infrastructure maintenance, we will be upgrading our US data center infrastructure from September 2nd 2017 to September 10th 2017. We did a similar data center maintenance activity around the same time last year as well. 

During this upgrade process, all Zoho services will continue to be operational and we do not anticipate any major interruptions in using our services. 

We will update this blog once the data centre maintenance is complete. In the rare event that you do experience any issues with our services, please feel free to tweet us @zohocares or email us on and we’ll reach out to you immediately.

If you have whitelisted our Zoho IP address, please include the following IP address also to the list
Update: Sep 2nd, 2017: Due to unavoidable reasons, the maintenance activity has been postponed. We will update the new dates soon.

Peter Balaji
Director of Customer Service

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  1. T S

    Not able to add customers bank details? First, it states it a transaction failure, second the characters max 60? How so, when with your first/last name, ABA, account number, Bank name, savings type and choice of CCD comes out to 77 characters all together? Confused, when will this be fixed?

  2. David mark

    Plc sir will this upgrade affect the users?

  3. richardprice

    hank you… for informing in advance…

  4. David

    Good Job

  5. Sheena Johnson

    I am not receiving my email for the last few months,,


    What is my responsibility in the maintenance project? Sara

  7. Nelly Bakhtadze


    I am having difficulties deleting my account. Please kindly assist if possible.

    Many thanks,


  8. Dhiraj Panchal

    Dear Peter,
    Does the process of sending and receiving emails continue to operate during the repair?

  9. Ricardo Malliah

    Good Day,

    Thank you for the notice. Can anything be done to improve the search bar?


  10. anupam singh

    Thank You!!!

  11. Mahadeva T N

    Thank You for informing soon…

  12. Parameshwar

    Thank you… for informing in advance…

  13. Ronald

    Dear Sir. Peter Balaji,

    Does the process of sending and receiving emails continue to operate during the repair?

  14. Prashant

    Thanks… Peter……

  15. ram

    No incoming mails since this morning. Apparently the outgoing mails are fine.
    Could you please check on this for me ?


  16. Miguel

    I hope we do not have any major interruptions. Thanks for letting us know. I do love this service and product!

  17. Miguel

    I hope we do not have any major interruptions. Thanks for letting us know. I do love this service and product!

  18. Issam S

    Thank you For the communication.

  19. Bharathi U

    Thanks for the advance intimation

  20. Mahadev Jakkula

    Thanks for your information.

  21. Mai Dong

    Dear Peter,
    I used Yoho’s mail service for my company for 2 years ago, these days I sent email to my clients but many of them can not receive my email, when they called me again, I checked it is done, but they received no email. I felt very disappointed about this matter. If this can not solve soon, I have to change my service into Gmail to use for my company.

  22. Ednei

    Thank you in advance for:
    – Define a perfect time window to maintenance (weekend)
    – Properly announce it (more than 1 week before)
    – Let us know how to contact you (channels of support)

    I hope everything work as expected, good luck!

  23. deeplearning

    Is there any impact on stability during this time?

  24. Marshall

    Zoho Books are amazing. Please add signature to invoices.

  25. chantel

    thanks for the update!

  26. Faizal Khan

    Hope we cooperate good

  27. Rebecca

    Thanks for the notice. I’m a new Zoho user (Zoho Invoice) and love it so far…you have a great product!

  28. Nagarajan.Mani

    Thank You for the Kind info in earlier.

  29. manuel eduardo celis herrera

    Thanks for notify us.

  30. Aditya Sharma

    Thank you for the prior notice.

  31. Jude Dennis

    Thank you Team

  32. Yusuf

    Thanks for the notice! But hope we wont experience any downtime on the mail server or data corruption during those periods

  33. george

    During that period, do we have to worried about sending or receiving email…..?

  34. as chemicals

    Thanks team for earlier notice.

  35. Gary McCudden

    Thank you for the advance notice.

  36. deepesh

    is there any chance of data corruption..?

    • K Prasad Reddy

      Is There Any Chance to Hack/Misuse of our Bank Details

    • Maha Harish

      No, your data will not be corrupted and it will be safe!

  37. Lakshmi Ganesh

    will there be any inconvenience caused in your services?

    • Maha Harish

      No, we don’t expect any interruptions in our services.

  38. Sagar Chauhan

    Thankyou! Please don’t put it off service in working days.

  39. Kodali siva

    Thanks for your information.

  40. Venkatesh

    Thanks team for earlier notice.

  41. Ballroom Alchemy

    Thank you for the notice! We love this service

  42. Guillermo Caceres

    Gracias!!! Thank you for letting us know in advance, just in case

  43. Brian Thevenin

    Thank you!

  44. Mavis Gaillour

    when will the software upgrade notification go away?

  45. Mavis Gaillour

    I am unable to use my columns in the CRM module, the announcement of the software upgrade is overlapping the columns I need to use to update my leads? please help

    • Maha Harish

      Can you check the Zoom settings of your browser? Alternatively, please drop an email to along with the screenshot to help you further.

  46. Tom Coffey

    I understand and thanks.

  47. Nic Leonidas

    Thank you for your notification, it is much appreciated! And so happy its not going to affect service. Good luck with the maintenance.

  48. Alfredo - Amana Asset Auditors Namibia

    Peter Thank you for notice

  49. Robert E. Ross

    The IT department Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. mohamed

    tow much time

  51. Donna Wells

    Thank You!!!

  52. vijayan


  53. vijayan


  54. Wilder addison

    Gracias por el aviso!

  55. Gino

    Thank you for the forethought. Noted and impressed with service.

  56. K S Ramarao

    thank you for informing

  57. Martyn

    thank you. keep up the good work!!!

  58. Alban

    Well noted

  59. abdul

    nice to know this

  60. Victor


  61. Utpal

    Manual Back from our side is required ? or data will be recovered after maintenance ?

    • Maha Harish

      No, it is not required to do a manual backup. Your data will be safe.



  63. Sanjay

    Thanks for the information..!!


    during this period of upgradation do i will face any problem in accessing my account?

    • Maha Harish

      No, you should be able to access your account without any interruptions.

  65. Paresh lohar

    very proactive and efficient communication…

  66. Pushpendra Trivedi

    Thankyou for prior notice

  67. Javi

    Thanks Zoho Team ?

  68. Digital Wifi

    rom September 2nd 2017 to September 10th 2017 how to manage work & billing.
    please rply me.

  69. Praveen

    Thank U….!

  70. Anoop Pete

    Thank you Zoho Team for the heads up!



    • Maha Harish

      All our Zoho Services are expected to be operational during this maintenance.

  72. Vasanth M

    thanks for prior inform

  73. Mananga

    Thanks for your informing.

  74. CA Kanupriya Jain

    Thanks for update

  75. Pandurang

    Thank You Team.

  76. Deepu

    Thanks for your informing.

  77. Phnicha

    That’s Great!!!

  78. Ryan Garing

    Thank Zoho Team you for the early notice! 🙂

  79. k.selvam.

    Thanks for your informing.

  80. Jorge Armando Martinez

    Gracias por los comentarios les envio un saludo cordial

  81. selorm kove

    Very impressive customer service

  82. Arturo Ayala


  83. Marili


  84. gift mabala



    Thank you for informing.


    Thank you for informing.

  87. david

    thanks for letting us know of the upgrades all the best.

  88. Amr Hilmy

    All success and always forward

  89. Ramiz Raja

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  90. Kishor

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  91. Sudhakar

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  92. Nathan Parsons

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  95. Arminstrongue Huambo

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  96. Vikas Dash

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  97. suren vaswani

    Appreciate your intimation


    Thank you, Peter, for letting us know!

  99. Arunkumar

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  100. test

    no problem

  101. M Fahad

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  102. Victor

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  103. Kiran Patil

    Thanks Mr. Peter for update. I like ZOHO’s service, relation and culture.

  104. Parth

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  105. Richie


  106. Arunkumar Doraiswamy Yashika Industries

    Thanks for the update in advance Mr. Balaji

  107. Manish Kumar

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  108. Rafael da Silva

    thanks a lot.

  109. Nav

    Thanks for notifying us & keep doing Great work !

  110. Nav

    Thanks for notifying us & keep doing Great work !

  111. stephenson

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  112. Karthikeyan

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  113. Farrukh Mahmood

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  114. Rajagopal Vinayagamoorthy

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  115. Yufi Eko

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  116. Steve

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  117. sean lam

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  118. Pocholo Montemayor

    Thanks for updating us!

  119. Luis Anguiano

    Dear Peter,
    Recently, I lost my web site, the systems responsable told my that was a failure in the host. Is that correct?
    Many thanks for your kind answer.

  120. Y. Trahan

    Joining blog.

  121. Yolanda

    Thank you for graciously and responsibly informing your customers.
    Great customer service!

  122. Raj Accountancy

    Thank you sir… for give information

  123. raheesyusaf

    Thanks for information and update

  124. Miguel Rojas

    Gracias por la notificación.

  125. Vasudev M.Mali

    Thanks..! for keeping us updated. Hopefully your infrastructure maintenance ends soon.

  126. Yukio

    Good things to come.
    Thanks for you head up.

  127. David

    Tks for the notice and my good wishes that the upgrades go smoothly.

  128. T.N.Thiagarajan

    Many thanks for heads up!!!

  129. Ramakrishnan Nataraj

    Awesome, Thanks for the update 🙂

  130. Sai Ram

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  131. Cole

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  132. Benz Delariman

    Thanks for the Advance Information

  133. steven sukar

    thanks for the heads up

  134. Deepak

    Are you guys upgrading all equipments in your data center? . 8 days huh .. That’s ok0. Worth to wait..

  135. Carmen Bocanegra

    Thanks 🙂

  136. Kathleen Wood

    thank you

  137. silvana


  138. sandra salamanca

    great. thanks

  139. David Ospina

    Good Job. Thanks!

  140. Arden Charles

    This is a good development….

  141. Jaenn Jo

    Can you please provide instructions on how to whitelist those IP addresses?

    • Maha Harish

      You can circulate our IP addresses to your Email Service provider and whitelist the same,

  142. Tony Harvey

    Thank-you very much for the notice and with advice/warning.

  143. Manoj

    Thanks for your up date

  144. Amber Banks

    Thank God!!! I thought we would be down.

  145. Orison

    Genial, siempre mejorando.

  146. Kal

    Thank you for the notice Peter.

  147. Wolfgang König

    Ich lebe als Deutscher auf den Philippines.
    Mit ZOHO.COM habe ich ein eMail-Programm gefunden,
    das nicht überladen ist aber alle Informationen enthält.
    Ich hoffe, dass durch das upgrading keine grossen
    Unterbrechungen entstehen.

    • Maha Harish

      We don’t expect any interruptions and all our Zoho Services will be operational.

  148. Sunil gupta

    thanks @ upgrade

  149. Ndzi Divine

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  150. Edu

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  151. Dhir Yadav

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  152. Carlos Alberto Rodrigues

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  153. richard


    Thank you for the effort, and Thank you for the notification.


  154. Ivy

    Thanks for the update
    However, howcome I cannot send & receive email start from Aug 25 after 1530hrs Hong Kong Time

    • Maha Harish

      Is it still persisting? If yes, please send us the screenshot of the behaviour experienced while trying to send email from our Zoho Services to



  156. bhawesh tibrewal

    unable to receive or send email.

    • Maha Harish

      Hey Bhawesh, Are you still experiencing it? If yes, can you drop an email to to assist you further?



  158. Thaw Zin

    Thanks for your update information.

  159. Sanjeewa Payagala

    Thanks you, I hope all are Okay after finesse to use.

  160. Vinay

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  163. Kaleemullah satti

    kindly send an official Email as well to all zoho customers.

  164. Irwin

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  166. Thaliz

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  167. Evans B. Onderi

    Good job done

  168. Tristan

    Thanks for telling US!. BTW the service is working better in China recently. Good job!


    OK TQ

  170. Juan Ignacio

    Thank you! 🙂

  171. mary

    i LOVE ZOHO!!!! You are a very responsible and responsive company showing your concern for your customers. I tell everyone you are the BEST!!!

  172. Elias Garcia

    Gracias por la notificación

  173. ed

    Gracias por la notificacion

  174. felipe

    OMG, i saw 8 days of maintenance and got scared as shit.
    GJ guys doing upgrades on datacenters.

  175. Pablo

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  176. Elizabeth March

    Thanks for the advance notification.

  177. Thiago Camilo

    Obrigador pelas informações que nos tem fornecido, seus serviços são multo útil.

  178. Anthony M. Grimaldi

    Understood. Thank you.

  179. Leonardo

    thks for sharing this information!

  180. Jack

    Will there be any problems in receiving or sending emails? few hours of delay is fine. But not receiving or sending is an issue.

    • Maha Harish

      No, we don’t expect any delay/failure with email transactions. If you experience any challenges, write to

  181. Julio Rodriguez

    Hi, Peter, Will this have any impact on latin (Argentina) customers?

  182. Hardy White

    Thank you

  183. Ripudaman Mishra

    Thanks for updating !

  184. Jerry Muscadin

    Thank you for the advance noticed!

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  188. johanan Placentti


  189. johanan Placentti


  190. johanan Placentti


  191. Kalpesh Adhvaryu

    Great, I wish you guys have controlled environment just in case of any services interrupt.
    VeravalOnline Pvt.Ltd.

  192. Mario

    That´s why we love you Pet!!


    good day dear sirs,
    I need my emails to be operationals everytime due to long information and using of the same.

    thanks and best regards

  194. Rafael

    This is good, proactive communication with your customers. Thank you for the heads up.

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    Saludos Cordiales

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    I am a new customer and it is an extremely welcome change from Yahoo. Thank you so much.

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  201. Audrey

    Great information. Should we expect the ZOHO service to be slower or some functions to be not available?

    • Maha Harish

      No, all of our Zoho Services are expected to be operational.

  202. carlos zuluaga

    buenos días
    tengo un problema correo, al enviarmen infoemacion a el aparece un mensaje donde dice que el dominio de destino no se encuentra o que el buzon del correo del destinatario no esta disponible. Agradecería la colaboración al respecto a este problema.

    • Maha Harish

      Are you sending an email from Zoho Mail? Can you drop an email to along with the screenshot to assist you further?

  203. Maggie

    thank you

  204. John Short

    Thank you for letting us know. Good Customer Service!

  205. Logixs Fire Protection & Design

    Thanks for the update Peter. We love your services.
    It’s neat, easy on the eyes, and user friendly. Hopefully your infrastructure maintenance ends sooner, like Sept. 5th.
    p.s. It is a Holiday (Sept 2nd to Sept 5th) weekend in US, hopefully this aide in speeding up your process.
    Logixs FPD


    Gracias por informanos. Edwing de Cali-Colombia

  207. Neftaly Ramirez Pallares

    Thanks a lot for the information. If I have any important issue I will reach ASAP.

  208. Neftaly Ramirez Pallares

    Thanks a lot for the information. If I have any important issue I will reach ASAP.

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    M R Menon

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  231. Steve Shepherd

    Peter, where are the US data centres based? Will it work quicker for Pacific Rim clients (ie NZ & Aus)

  232. Steve Shepherd

    Peter, where are the US data centres based? Will it work quicker for Pacific Rim clients (ie NZ & Aus)

  233. M. Rukhsar Ahmed

    Thanks for Advance information.

  234. Francisco Conejeros

    Thanks a lot for telling us in advance. South America will be affected?

  235. karthik

    Thanks a lot for info Peter.

  236. Frank Hoschar

    Many thanks for telling us well in advance. Will this have any impact on European customers?

    • Peter Balaji

      Maintenance is planned only in US DC.

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    We’ve been enjoying your service

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    Thank you.

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  248. Maurizio Breschi

    I do not understand why you choose a working period instead of an holiday period like August.

    • RMO

      @MB because minimal disruption is planned. RIF.

    • Phil

      +100000 agreed

    • AVL

      In the US only 4 of those days are business days. 4 days are weekend days (2 Saturdays, 2 Sundays) and 1 day, Monday, is a National holiday. August would not be a holiday period for the US.

    • Elizabeth March

      Maybe they’re on holiday in August too 🙂

  249. RSM

    One week is too long….but ok!
    Sure that no problem will come.

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    Hope all goes well and we do not face any issues.

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  264. Suneil Dua


    Zoho User for all official mails. Hope we do not encounter any problems. One week is too big a period if some unexpected failure happens. Hopefully not. Good Luck.

  265. Jerod Haskins

    Are you going to finally fix all the stuff that you made worse in the “new version”? It’s still frustrating, I just don’t have the time or energy to continue asking you to fix things.

    • Melinda

      I second that!

  266. Ian Melchior

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  267. Ian Melchior

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  270. Diego

    Thank you for let us know, but I wonder if maintenance takes a limited hours during those days or if it´s the whole day..

  271. Diego

    Thank you for let us know, but i wonder if there`s some limited hours during those days or if it´s the whole day..

  272. Pramod Phulgaonkar

    where should i include the zoho ip address in Admin Control Panel

    • Maha Harish

      Please contact your Email Service provider and circulate our IP addresses to whitelist the same.


    All Right

  274. Ullas

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  275. Vishaal Singh

    Thanks for the advance intimation. Any precautions to be taken at our end before the start of this PMS or during this period ?

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  280. Akash Subhani

    Hi Peter, How about the emails service? Will it be continued in this period?

    • Peter Balaji

      Yes, we don’t expect any downtime and all our services will be operational.

  281. Akash Subhani

    Thanks Peter. Could you please let me know if we would be able to use the emails in this period of one week?
    Hoping to hear from you as soon as possible.


  282. Saiful Islam

    Its painful for us. Maintenance period from September 2nd 2017 to September 10th 2017 too much high.

  283. Accounts

    Hi Sir,

    Thanks for the information, Kindly let us know weather will it affect the operation of the e mail services

    • Maha Harish

      No, all our Zoho Services are expected to be operational.

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