Introducing the All-new Writer for Mobile: A Big Leap Forward

Writer’s iOS and Android apps get comments, better offline support, and an elegant design makeover. It’s cleaner, lighter, and more fun to use than ever!




Inspiration is fickle. It doesn’t give notice before it strikes, nor does it appear when you expect it to.  As a writer, it’s important to always have the tools of your trade with you, so that you never miss a great idea.

Today, we’re redesigning Writer’s iOS and Android apps to be just that, an easy-to-use tool that inspires you to write. A tool that just works, no matter where you are.

Meet the all-new Writer for mobile.



We’ve carefully designed Writer to create a clean, blank-paper-esque writing experience on your smartphone and tablet. Options are streamlined into a simpler interface. Formatting tools are rearranged for faster editing.

There’s also a sleek new home for your documents. Just swipe a document thumbnail to the left and you’ll see some powerful options, gracefully hidden so they don’t get in your way when you don’t need them. Ring a bell, Notebook users? =]



Talk your ideas over

Join discussions, even when you’re away from your desk. Add your thoughts to documents, reply to friends’ comments, or just appreciate them by clicking “like.” Work together in real time, with instant sync across your devices.


Built with offline in mind

Writer for mobile is designed to keep you productive, even when your internet connectivity leaves you high and dry. Your 20 most recently accessed documents will always be available offline for you to view and edit.

We’ve also added a new Make Available Offline option to manually store important documents for offline access.



Support for iOS 11 

Apple introduced a giant leap forward for the iPad with iOS 11, and we’re glad to be geared up for that as well.

Writer’s new iOS app supports Split View, Slide-Over, and everyone’s favorite, Drag and Drop.

Aside from the highlights above, we’ve also tweaked and fixed many little things to stay true to what we wanted to achieve—a clean, crisp space to write and discuss.

We hope you like the new update. Think we missed out on a feature that’s great to have on your mobile device? Let us know by commenting here or writing to us at

Happy writing!

Writer for Android Writer for iOS


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12 Replies to Introducing the All-new Writer for Mobile: A Big Leap Forward

  1. Nice, This is very best idea to create your document without using pc. This is the best application in smartphone. I like your post. Keep it sharing.

  2. This Post is very useful for writers and all android/ iOS users. By this software writer can design their article. I really like this post.

  3. Zoho has been improved a lot, before adopting with Zoho I had used yandex for my mail services, but now Zoho is my primary mail box & it supports productivity tools for free ! Isn't cool nah !. Even Google started charging their services for personal use. Thanx Zoho and best wishes for your forthcoming projects.

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