Here's a detailed comparison of Zoho SalesIQ vs Olark.

  • Features
  • Price/User/Month   $19
  • Visitor tracking dashboard    
  • Visitor routing    
  • Lead scoring    -99/month
  • Website visitor history    
  • Chatbots    
  • Role-based permissions 3 user roles 2 user roles
  • Chat routing  Only department routing and round-robin method for agents
  • Chat routing metrics    
  • Chat invite    
  • Typing preview of customer's message    
  • Audio call    
  • Screen sharing and remote access   $99/month
  • In-chat articles    
  • Chat history available for visitors    
  • Chat monitoring    
  • Internal message board and group chats    
  • Configure inactive chat time-out    
  • Add chat to email signature    
  • Custom branding   $59/month
  • Desktop App Mac, Ubuntu, and Windows   (Access available through third-party clients)
  • Mobile App Mobile App   (Access available through third-party apps)
  • Integrations with Zoho and other third-party business apps   Limited
  • Mobile SDK for Android, iOS and React Native platforms    

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Zoho's free plan includes all the essential features required to run your live chat operation.

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Let's dig a little deeper into why Zoho SalesIQ is the best alternative to Olark live chat.

Detailed visitor insights regardless of whether they initiate a chat

Zoho SalesIQ gives you an insightful list of all your visitors along with lead stage and details like name, location, actions, time spent on site, how they differ by user type, and more. It also indicates if the visitors are available, busy, or idle and maintains a visitor history, so you can analyze their behavior over time.


Rings View

This unique view organizes visitors in four concentric rings based on the criteria you set. The hottest prospects appear in the inner rings while the coldest are moved out from the last ring and show up as stars.


List View

In this view, your visitors are organized in columns based on the criteria specified by you. Visitors who don't fit into any of the categories fall in the cold visitors tab.


Visitor routing

Set filters to route website traffic to your team members based on traits like traffic source, campaign, location, browser, lead stage and score, visitor type, and more. This ensures that each team member can focus on their target groups without wasting time going through the entire visitor list.


Lead scoring

Rank your prospects based on the website behavior you deem most important. Define your criteria for an ideal prospect like traffic source, time spent, last active time, number of past visits, current page, location, and more, and assign a score to each criterion. Based on this, Zoho SalesIQ will rate your website visitors.

Automations and templates to ease your job


AI-powered chatbot builder

Keep up with your daily chat request inflow using AI-powered chatbots built with Zobot, our low-code, enterprise-ready bot platform. Zobot works with major AI assistants like Zia, IBM Watson, and Dialogflow and has 15+ pre-built bot templates you can choose from and tweak to customize your bot.


In-chat articles

Most of the questions you receive through live chat can be addressed by adding helpful articles in your chat window. Having all the FAQs taken care of with up-to-date in-chat articles means your team can focus on more complicated and unique questions.


Typing preview of customer messages

This Olark chat alternative lets you see what the customer is typing in real time, even before they send it. This helps you have responses ready while the customer is typing, thereby reducing query resolution time.


Customer access to chat history

Zoho SalesIQ lets your customers view all their past chats with your team as separate conversations. Now they don't have to reach out again to ask you something that was already discussed or scroll all the way up through endless content just to find a coupon code.

Features for more effective customer communication


Audio calling

There are a lot of nuances written communication fails to capture. Zoho SalesIQ lets customers call you—or vice-versa—directly from the chat window, without any installations or phone numbers. They can also leave you voice messages if you're unavailable to attend the call.


Screen sharing and remote access

Our screen sharing, powered by Zoho Assist, lets you show your prospects the intricacies of your product or walk your customers through a complex solution. You can also request remote access to a visitor's screen and fix issues in seconds.

Built-in team communication and management features


Role-based permissions

Structure your live chat operation better and keep your team running smoothly by assigning the right roles to the right members. Zoho salesIQ has three member roles—administrator, supervisor, and associate—with different control and data access permissions.


Message board and group chat

Agent-to-agent communication is not just one-to-one. With message board in Zoho SalesIQ, you can announce new offers or updates so your team is on the same page. You can also create groups for smaller discussions.


Chat routing with metrics

Live chat is synonymous with immediate assistance, and customers find it frustrating to be juggled between agents. Set skill-based routing rules to send incoming chats to the right staff. Zoho SalesIQ also gives you a detailed report on the performance of your routing rules so you can optimize it.


Chat monitoring

Give your new joinees hands-on training without risking your service quality. Our chat monitor lets you view your agents' live chats and provide feedback before they hit "send" or even join an ongoing chat when they need help. You can also set up monitors to view all chats from a particular visitor, agent, or IP address.


Chat invite

We at Zoho SalesIQ understand synergy like no other. That's why in this Olark alternative, we've given you the option to invite a teammate to join a customer chat you're handling whenever you feel the need.

Live chat for more than just websites


Cater to your mobile app users

Extend all the benefits of Zoho SalesIQ to your mobile app. Mobilisten—our native mobile SDK for iOS, android, and react native—makes it incredibly simple to implement in-app messaging inside your Android and iOS apps.


Add live chat to your email signature

Live chat is not just a support tool—it can be an essential element of your sales and marketing tech stack. Zoho SalesIQ lets you add live chat to your email campaign signatures so you don't miss out on even the most remote possibility of conversion.


Break those cuffs and still stay connected

With our Olark alternative, you don't have to be tied to your work desk throughout your shift for fear of missing a big fish or an important support request. Download the Zoho SalesIQ mobile app for Android and iOS to receive notifications on your phone and provide live chat assistance no matter where you are.

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