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Here's how Zoho SalesIQ helps drive ecommerce customer engagement

Zoho SalesIQ helps drive ecommerce customer engagement

Personalize promotions using visitor insights

Knowing how customers use your website is key to running promotions and offers they'll value. Study visitor behavior on your website using SalesIQ's visitor tracking tool to identify pages with the highest and lowest engagement so you know what's working and what isn't.


Boost ecommerce sales with quick answers

Add live chat to your ecommerce store to solve product-related concerns in real time, gain customer trust, and increase the overall order value. Improve ecommerce user engagement and even reduce cart abandonment by automatically reaching out at important stages with proactive chat triggers.


Gain repeat customers with stellar support

Ecommerce customer engagement doesn't end at checkout. Provide real-time assistance on order tracking, returns/refunds, feedback, and more. Set up departments or routing rules to instantly connect customers to the right staff.

Cater to your mobile app shoppers

Most of today's ecommerce sales come from mobile apps. Mobilisten—our mobile SDK for iOS, Android, and React Native—helps you boost ecommerce user engagement through real-time in-app chat support to mobile shoppers.

  • Assist app users with event-based in-app chat popups 

    Identify stages where your mobile app users may have trouble—like payment fails or product unavailability—and contextually display your live chat button for them to reach you quickly.

  • Boost ecommerce engagement with push notifications  

    Remind customers to complete a purchase, inform them when a product in their wishlist is on discount, and entice them with vouchers and coupons using push notifications.

In-app, event-based chat trigger    
Push notifications
Push notifications

Be where your customers are

Your presence in the instant messaging space gives you a competitive edge in a saturated market like ecommerce. Connect your business's instant messaging accounts with SalesIQ, and assist customers in real time, on their preferred messaging channels to enhance ecommerce engagement.

Let customers find answers with in-chat articles

Automate ecommerce user engagement with chatbots

Most ecommerce queries can be handled by chatbots, freeing you to work on customer engagement strategies for your ecommerce business. Zoho SalesIQ lets you deploy smart conversational AI chatbots to give you a hand with customer queries.

  • Your personal right-hand assistant  

    Integrate your bot with all your apps and databases to retrieve order tracking data from your database and respond to queries, push visitor details and purchase history to your CRM account, convert chats into support tickets, and more.

  • Your customer's data-driven advisor  

    Finding the right product can be a herculean task for shoppers. Chatbots can recommend products based on customer requirements, website footprint, purchase history, and user reviews, thereby improving ecommerce user experience.

Your personal right-hand assistant
Your customer's data-driven advisor

Curious about what more our chatbots can do? Check out our article on chatbots for ecommerce.

Facilitate customer self-service

Create a library of resources on product specifications, return/refund policies, payment options, security, and more that shoppers can access right from the chat window or that can be used by your knowledge base chatbot as responses.

Facilitate customer self-service
Facilitate customer self-service

Enhance follow-up efficiency with our CRM and help desk integrations

Connect Zoho SalesIQ with Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk for a 360-degree view of customers' journey. Push data from your chats to CRM, view customer data or associated support tickets during chats, or even convert chats to support tickets, all from a single place.

Integrate with Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk    

Create data widgets for contextual customer data

Zoho SalesIQ lets you view all the data you need during a chat like inventory numbers, customers' cart information, order details, the page they're on, and past chats. You can also create custom widgets to display data from third-party tools and even perform actions like pushing details to a database or processing a refund.

Create widgets for contextual customer data    

Analyse customer data for informed decisions

Do you want to know your top-visited product pages to stock up, or chat inflow and agent performance to staff accordingly? Get useful insights from your raw SalesIQ data by integrating it with Zoho Analytics to keep your store running perfectly and build effective customer engagement strategies for your ecommerce business.

Gather insights from your numbers with Zoho Analytics    
Gather insights from your numbers with Zoho Analytics    

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Stay connected while on the go

Download Zoho SalesIQ's mobile apps for Android and iOS to receive chat notifications on your phone and provide live chat assistance to ecommerce customers, no matter where you are.

Stay connected while on the go
Stay connected while on the go
Stay connected while on the go

Connect better with your shoppers using our ecommerce customer engagement software

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Frequently asked questions?

What is ecommerce customer engagement? 

Ecommerce customer engagement is the emotional connection and enthusiasm about your brand, loyalty, and advocacy from your ecommerce customers built as a result of proactive, valuable, timely, and continuous communication and exceptional user experience.

What is customer experience in ecommerce business?  

Customer experience is how your customers feel when they see, browse through, and interact with your ecommerce website or app and their interaction with your business through its staff, before, during, and after their purchases. Check out our complete guide on customer experience to know more on how you can improve it.

What's the importance of customer engagement platform in ecommerce industries?  

Ecommerce is a saturated industry today with large players with a clear monopoly in multiple product categories, and many small and budding companies. Just providing all the products customers need under one umbrella, having a variety of products under each category, or even competitive pricing can't ensure success in such a field.

In addition to these, to get more customers and keep existing shoppers coming back to you for all their purchases, it's essential to create top-of-the-mind recall, ensure customers have no problem finding the products they need on your website/app, provide complete product details and reviews, give customers instant answers when they want more details or have a concern, and even assist them with any issues post purchase. All this makes customer engagement and therefore, a customer engagement platform essential for ecommerce businesses.

What are the benefits of using an ecommerce engagement platform?  

An ecommerce customer engagement platform helps you understand who your prospects are, where your customers come from, what products are in the most demand, information insufficiencies in your website or mobile app, and more, thereby helping you build effective customer engagement strategies and improve them with time.

It also helps you reduce cart abandonment by assisting shoppers proactively when they're at the checkout page for too long, improve sales by enticing shoppers with vouchers and offers, and delight and retain customers by helping them out with any issues they have regarding existing orders.

Why is Zoho SalesIQ the best customer engagement software for ecommerce businesses?  

Here are a few ways Zoho SalesIQ helps you understand your customers needs, cater to them, and boost customer engagement:

  • Gives you complete details on who your prospects and customers are, where they're from, what they're interested in, and more.
  • Helps you prioritize your best leads with automatic lead scoring.
  • Lets you proactively reach out to prospects and customers based on the page they're on and their actions on your website.
  • Helps customers find all the information they want with an in-chat knowledge base.
  • Facilitates real-time live chat customer support on website, mobile apps, and instant messaging channels.
  • Scales your customer engagement and support operation with rule-based, AI, and even hybrid chatbots.
  • Includes a lot of agent time savers like canned responses, smart response suggestions, typing preview, data widgets, and more.
  • Can be used with all leading ecommerce platforms, and works with a huge array of Zoho, and other third party software.