Global automobile giant Mahindra & Mahindra enhances its engagement experience with SalesIQ

"There are different players in the market, but for this particular cost and this particular combination, SalesIQ fits perfectly. For our digital sales revenue, SalesIQ is contributing a lot. Conversion ratio of the vehicle booking to the retail has increased by 1-1.5 % in the overall revenue."

— Pravin Nehete, Deputy General Manager, Creative and 3D Tech, Customer Experience

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, one of the largest automobile manufacturers in India, has been using Zoho SalesIQ to boost their conversion and conversation. We sat down with three members of the company to learn how SalesIQ is benefiting their daily operations.

Managing customer engagement before SalesIQ

Team lead Vinay Raut explains that before SalesIQ, the company was using Clickdesk on its channels, and an agent would answer all customers queries. When the Marketing, Strategy, and Sales team asked Raut's team to integrate chatbots with the live chat widget, they started exploring options beyond Clickdesk.

"Our R&D team has gone through multiple products where we found that Zoho SalesIQ is serving our purpose."

— Vinay Raut, Team Lead

Discovering SalesIQ

The Mahindra & Mahindra R&D team researched multiple products and ultimately decided on Zoho SalesIQ.

According to Raut, SalesIQ makes it simple for website visitors to clicks on the chat widget and ask the chatbot basic questions. If the bot isn't able to provide the right answer, an agent can quickly take over and assist the visitor. Raut adds, "This was the solution we were looking [for]...Clickdesk wasn't serving our purpose, and we found that Zoho SalesIQ is the perfect solution."

Implementing Zoho SalesIQ

Mahindra & Mahindra approached Zoho SalesIQ and created a trial account, completed the setup, and showed the software to their senior manager. After reviewing the POC and discussing the options, the team selected SalesIQ.

"The Zoho SalesIQ team has given us the best support for the integration," notes Raut. "We came to know that Zoho SalesIQ is not only serving our bot purpose, but they have so many features for our live agent also."

How SalesIQ changed customer interactions

The Mahindra & Mahindra website now has a bot-first approach. This makes it easier for customers to have their questions answered quickly. When necessary, an agent can immediately connect with customers, access the chat history, and respond accordingly.

They set up business hours to let the visitors know if they have their agents online on the other side.

Since the company has multiple brands, like Mahindra Thar and Mahindra XUV 700, bots function based on the content of the webpage. This means an agent can start the live chat with a clear understanding of the context. Visitor tracking also helps agents see the pages that customers have visited prior to starting a chat, enabling agents to better prepare for the conversation.

Zoho SalesIQ's integration abilities make it easy for Mahindra & Mahindra to combine the solution with platforms like Salesforce.

The ease of implementing chatbots using Zobot

Backend developer Vinayak Medhekar found that chatbot integration with SalesIQ entailed just a few simple steps. His team followed a straightforward approach to integrate with Google Dialogflow and tailor their bots.

How SalesIQ has helped Mahindra & Mahindra

Pravin Nehete, the deputy general manager of Creative and 3D Tech and Customer Experience, says the company has seen an increase in digital sales revenue, and they can "assure that [SalesIQ is] giving the complete ROI." They've only just begun with SalesIQ chatbots, and Nehete notes that "many upcoming features will come." He looks forward to integrating more and more functionalities.

Experience with the SalesIQ support team

Medhekar appreciates Zoho SalesIQ's support team. "Whenever we needed, we'd chat with the customer representative on the chatbot widget," he says. If there is ever something that Medhekar's team wants to discuss alongside Mahindra & Mahindra upper management, the SalesIQ team schedules a joint meeting and offers ideas that can improve business results.

"Recently, we faced an issue at [the] GTM level, for which [the] SalesIQ's customer success team gave us extraordinary technical support."

— Vinayak Medhekar, Backend Developer

Closing thoughts

Nehete attributes Mahindra & Mahindra's success with online visitor interaction to SalesIQ. When all the dealerships were closed during the height of the pandemic, SalesIQ enabled the company to continue having conversations with customers and answer their questions. "We were able to mitigate the risk of lockdown and we were able to provide the info to our customers," he says.

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