HumanOurce streamlines customer engagement and lead generation using Zoho SalesIQ

"Zoho SalesIQ is a must-have tool for any business in today's digital world. It becomes even more important for startups, as prospects visiting your website should have an opportunity to interact with you and your brand. With Zoho SalesIQ, we are able to interact with our website visitors, understand what they are looking for, and explain how we can assist them. This has helped us to create an impact. Kudos to the Zoho SalesIQ team!"

- Prabhanshu Tripathi, HumanOurce co-founder 


About Humanource

HumanOurce is an HR consultancy firm providing recruitment services, training, and development. They also help their clients build employee engagement strategies and conduct soft skills training for individuals. Established in 2017 by Prabhanshu Tripathi and Deepak Tiwari, HumanOurce has helped organizations in the retail, edu-tech, BPO, print media, healthcare, and hospitality industries all over India develop, manage, and engage their workforce. Notable among their clientele are Puma, Tata Trent, Toppr, OYO Rooms, and Jagaran Prakashan Ltd. 

Challenges faced

Prior to discovering Zoho SalesIQ, HumanOurce depended on a customer engagement solution provided by a third-party web developer. Despite the promise made by this vendor, this solution didn't help them track visitors accurately, gather visitor insights, or engage their prospects well enough, giving HumanOurce's website a bounce rate of over 75 percent. 

How Zoho SalesIQ helped

HumanOurce co-founder Prabhanshu Tripathi, came across Zoho SalesIQ after his friend suggested Zoho One, our bundle of over 40 business applications. After further discussions with our team, Tripathi was convinced SalesIQ was the right live chat and customer engagement solution for his business. 

Being someone without a lot of technical knowledge, Mr. Tripathy loved how easy it was to add Zoho SalesIQ to the HumanOurce website, without the need for any coding skills.

"As a non-technical guy, what I love the most is how easy it was to integrate SalesIQ with my website. You certainly don't require any coding or technical knowledge to make things work with Zoho SalesIQ."

— Prabhanshu Tripathi, HumanOurce co-founder

SalesIQ helped the team at HumanOurce monitor how visitors were interacting with their website in real-time, as well as identify returning visitors and engage with them based on their actions on the website. They also added a chatbot to answer customer queries outside of business hours. Being able to reach out to customers proactively at the right time and offer support through a chatbot helped HumanOurce establish a connection with more than 60 percent of their website visitors on a daily basis. This, alongside revamping their website using Zoho Sites, brought their bounce rate down to just 33.33 percent. 

Our user-friendly dashboard also received a special mention from Tripathi. 

"The dashboard interface is very user-friendly, therefore I didn't have to spend too much time training the team member who's currently working on Zoho SalesIQ and interacting with customers."

— Prabhanshu Tripathi, HumanOurce co-founder

He concluded by saying the visitor and chat reports he received every day by email helped him keep  track of the average response time for customer queries, the number of chats, and the quality of engagement, so he could step in whenever something needed his attention.

"Whenever I am on the go, the daily visitor and chat report emails I get help me keep a watch on the number of site visitors and the interactions my team member is having with them. This further helps in providing instant feedback to the team in case something needs to be taken care of."

— Prabhanshu Tripathi, HumanOurce co-founder

Here at Zoho SalesIQ, we're proud to work with companies like HumanOurce and look forward to seeing their continued success. 

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