LambdaTest delivers industry-leading support to their customers with Zoho SalesIQ

LambdaTest with Zoho SalesIQ:

  • Increased operators' efficiency by ~40%
  • Average response rate: Less than 60 seconds
  • Average chats/month: ~2k
  • Serving customer base of: 2 Million+ users

"SalesIQ has helped us optimize our support coverage, broaden our agents' capabilities, and increase our overall support efficiency by over 40% while saving us operating costs. For startups and SMBs, I'd highly recommend SalesIQ as it addresses all the needs for scaling and growth, yet you're paying a competitive price.

"We're seeing other companies spending a lot to come to a place where we're now. SalesIQ has definitely contributed to our growth and success. After three years of using SalesIQ, we're not looking for any alternatives."

- Sudhir Joshi, Head, Partner & Customer Success, LambdaTest

About LambdaTest

LambdaTest is a continuous quality testing cloud platform that helps developers and testers ship code faster. Their array of browsers and devices, combined with unique orchestration capabilities, allows users to perform comprehensive web, mobile, and visual testing, achieving speeds up to 70% faster than other cloud grids.

Over 2 Million users across 130+ countries and leading enterprises rely on LambdaTest for their testing needs.

"Customer-centric innovation is one of the core values of LambdaTest, enabling us to disrupt the testing landscape. It gives us an edge over our competitors"

- Sudhir Joshi

Challenge - To set the industry's high support standard

Since they started in 2017, as a part of their customer-first approach, LamdaTest envisioned responding to customer queries in less than 60 seconds. Since the platform's user persona is quite technical in nature and their jobs are time-critical, if users get stuck in a process, they need instant support as it'd be a make-or-break moment.

These domain requirements made LambdaTest look for a reliable engagement platform that could help them deliver such high-standard support.

"We set less than 60 seconds response time as a benchmark for ourselves, and we're extremely proud to say that we've been achieving that"

- Sudhir Joshi

Evaluating customer engagement tools

After identifying their challenge, LambdaTest evaluated multiple engagement platforms, including Freshchat and Zendesk but were facing many issues with them. They wanted a platform that should handle their CRM and chat-ticket support in one place. Also, because they'd just launched their business, they wanted a tool they could use for the next 5-10 years.

They came across SalesIQ as they were already using Zoho CRM. While evaluating SalesIQ, they found that the platform seamlessly integrates with Zoho CRM. The platform's simplicity and ease of use made them end their search and get SalesIQ.

"Onboarding SalesIQ was a pretty good experience. Initially, there were a lot of challenges, but SalesIQ's support team helped us set it up and made it a breeze"

- Suraj Kumar, Senior Manager, Sales Operations, LamdaTest

How LambdaTest uses SalesIQ

LambdaTest's support executives start their day with SalesIQ. They attend to customer queries and convert the chats into tickets in Zoho Desk if they can't resolve them instantly. They get ~ 400-500 chats/week.

"With SalesIQ, we were able to handle more queries, and it is helping us a lot to engage with our customers better. Canned replies, Widgets, and Reports have been the most useful/used features for us in SalesIQ."

- Nitesh Sharma, Manager, Solution Engineering, LambdaTest

They've set up two coded bots. One is to pass the query to the respective department's support agent. The other bot is on certain pages on their website to trigger a proactive message to attract the visitors' attention and nudge them to interact.

With the Zoho CRM integration, Widgets pull out information about the customers, giving more context to the customer support teams about the customer journey and their past interactions. With Zoho Desk's integration with SalesIQ, LambdaTest saves time as they've all the required information in one dashboard without going back and forth.

"Zoho CRM, Zoho SalesIQ, and Zoho Desk are tightly integrated with each other, and it's working pretty cool."

- Suraj Kumar

Experience with SalesIQ's support team

Lambdatest is pretty happy with the support they're getting; as they say, it gets resolved whenever they raise an issue. Also, they attribute their inspiration to providing better support to Zoho and SalesIQ.

"Being a tech company, one can't do all the feature requests from customers. Zoho and SalesIQ, they don't build a roadmap of their own but what customers are requesting. That's a unique feature of a tech company, and we'd like to replicate that commitment with our customers"

- Sudhir Joshi

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