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Sales Analytics


Sales is driven by targets and incentives. Providing your sales force with the right information at the right time energizes and motivates them to better their targets and hence generate more revenue. It also drives sales efficiency through effective utilization of your sales force and reduces sales cost.


Zoho Reports can complement your existing sales process and CRM applications, by bringing in effectiveness through its sales analytics capabilities. It lets you analyze data about sales, leads and pipeline. And it helps you understand your sales force's current performance, identify inefficiencies and opportunities and achieve higher sales backed by sound insights and processes.

With Zoho Reports you can

  • Measure your sales performance
  • Measure customer (account) / product performance
  • Measure your sales team / individual performance
  • Analyze Lead to Conversion cycles for conversion, drop-outs and effectiveness (lead analytics and management)
  • Get insights into your pipeline by slicing and dicing your CRM data (pipeline analytics)
  • Identify risks and opportunities in your current pipeline
  • Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Quickly spot trends on lead sources, campaigns, owners, and territories
  • View historical trends of your sales performance comparing the past and current data
  • Measure Opportunity lost vs Opportunities won
  • Eliminate bottlenecks in your sales processes before real problems occur
  • Measure your partners' performance
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your Marketing campaigns in getting sales (marketing analytics)
  • And do much more

You can push/upload the necessary data from your existing CRM systems, your own custom applications or spreadsheets into Zoho Reports and perform any of the above mentioned sales analysis operations easily. Zoho Reports with its powerful and easy to use visual analysis capabilities helps you easily come up with any type of report/analysis on your own, with no help from your IT department.


Zoho Reports Powers Advanced Sales Analytics for Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM, the leading Online Customer Relationship Management system from Zoho is now seamlessly integrated with the fully featured, advanced analytics add-on, powered by Zoho Reports. Zoho Reports makes it easy to slice and dice your Zoho CRM data the way you like. You can easily create sales funnels, know your win/loss rates, do sales predictions, gauge your sales team performance, track your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and do much more.

Advanced Analytics for Zoho CRM


Seamless Integration

Zoho CRM data gets synced automatically to Zoho Reports. Access a full fledged BI tool seamlessly from within your Zoho CRM account.


 Advanced CRM Analytics

Slice and dice your CRM data the way you want. Instantly get to know your key performance indicators to proactively manage your sales pipeline.


 Ready made Reports & Dashboards

Zoho Reports add-on provides you with more than 70 hand-picked, ready made reports & dashboards, that you'll love and find great value instantly.


Visual Analysis

Visually analyze and build insightful reports and dashboards with easy drag-and-drop interface... no IT help required!


 Variety of Reporting Components

Use a wide variety of charts, pivot tables and tabular view components to build insightful reports and dashboards.

 Email, Export & Print reports

Export or Print reports for offline access. Even schedule your reports and dashboards to be emailed automatically.

Setting up the Zoho CRM Analytics Add-on

Setting up the Zoho CRM Analytics Add-on

Creating reports with Zoho CRM analytics add-on

Creating reports with Zoho CRM Analytics add-on

Creating your Sales Funnel Report

Creating your Sales Funnel Report

Win/Loss Report

Creating your Win/Loss % Report

Top 5 / Bottom 5 Sales Person Report

Top 5 / Bottom 5 Sales Person Report


View the sample Zoho CRM reporting database. Read more about the Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho CRM.


You can do such powerful sales and pipeline analytics on your CRM/Sales data. If you would like more information or assistance on how Zoho Reports can help you in your Sales Analytics requirements, please contact us at


The charting ability is awesome! I love the product- Stephen Crescenti (Account Executive)

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