Source and Reach Candidates

Gather resumes from different source. Zoho Recruit enables you to reach many candidates and filter them based on the requirement, thus improving the quality of resume database. Zoho Recruit has embed options, mass mailing, hotlists and granular search which aid in sourcing and reaching candidates effortlessly.

Embed Resume form

Easily capture candidate information with our website form. Get resumes from your website into Zoho Recruit. And we give you all the code, so there's no IT knowledge required.

Hot lists

For easy reference, mark the hot candidates who are active and fit for the current job requirement, as "Starred".


Group your candidates on multiple criteria - for example, passive or active candidates, those that need relocation or visa, etc.

Mass mailing

Save time and reach a large number of candidates with just one click and store their correspondemce for future reference. Give a warm touch with merge fields to generate personalized content and save it as a template.


Quickly search your candidates from the database using simple or advance criteria search.

Candidate Status

Categorize the candidates under different status. Unqualify/un-associate candidates who do not meet the requirements. Make sure you stay on top of particularly good candidates by starring them.

Export Candidates

Export candidates in various formats like .xls, .csv, .tsv, and much more, to maintain a report and to have a data back-up.

Bulk Candidate Import

Easily add multiple candidates with our import or grabber options. You can import files using .xls and .csv format.