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Visualize your projects

Get a bird's-eye view of everything happening in your project with Gantt charts. They help you visualize and keep track of all your critical tasks and dependencies, ensuring there are no deviations in the project schedule.

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JIRA alternative free - Zoho Projects JIRA

Automate your work

Define a workflow to automate and manage your tasks in an organized manner. However simple or complex a process may be, get the right approvals and deploy your workflow easily with our drag-and-drop interface.

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Alternative to Jira - Zoho Projects JIRA

Track your time

Track every billable and non-billable hour using our time management software. Zoho Projects's advanced, two-way integration with Zoho Invoice makes tracking and handling billable and non-billable hours for all your tasks a breeze.

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JIRA replacement - Zoho Projects JIRA

Customize as needed

Use Zoho Projects to create custom workflows, layouts, fields, and statuses so that your whole team can embrace their work and become more productive.

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Best Jira alternative - Zoho Projects JIRA

Zoho Projects Vs Jira Software

  • Task Management    
  • Milestone Tracking    
  • Issue Tracking    
  • Interactive feeds    
  • Forums    
  • Group Chat    
  • Wiki Pages    
  • Project Templates    
  • Gantt charts    
  • Resource Management    
  • Version Control    
  • Subtasks    
  • Task Dependencies    
  • Calendar    
  • Add tasks through email    
  • Add bugs through email    
  • Custom fields    
  • Custom task status    
  • Reports    
  • Timesheets    
  • Timers    
  • Audio/Video Conference    
  • Recurrence    
  • Reminders    
  • User Management    
  • Planned Vs Actual    
  • Kanban    
  • Budget Tracking    
  • Google Apps Integration    
  • Meetings    
  • Mobile Apps    
  • Baseline    
  • Critical Path    
  • Workflow Automation    
  • Storage Space 120GB Unlimited
  • Number of Projects Unlimited Unlimited
  • Number of Users Unlimited Unlimited
  • Pricing (per month) /user /user
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Turn every project into a success story.

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