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Salesforce’s Do.Com Customers Can No Longer Do Much – Unless They Migrate To Zoho Projects

Salesforce.com recently announced that their Do.com project management service is shutting down early next year. Salesforce acquired the Manymoon startup, for which they reportedly paid...

Zoho Projects 1 min read

Introducing Advanced Analytics for Zoho Projects

Till now, project managers using Zoho Projects had access to limited reporting options – Gantt and resource utilization charts. Not anymore. Today, we are glad...

Zoho Projects 2 min read

Organize your work better with skip weekends and holidays

Customer feedback is the most essential and valuable for any business. And the most challenging part is how to keep customers happy? What is that...

Zoho Projects 2 min read

Zoho Projects iPhone / Android Mobile App updates

A couple of months ago we made an announcement that our Zoho Projects Mobile Apps goes FREE for all users – both iPhone and Android...

Zoho Projects 1 min read

Just In : Project groups and enhancements in templates

Imagine this: You’re working in a ERP based company that has projects running across departments like finance, invoices, and accounts. Now there needs to be...

Zoho Projects 1 min read

Get More Done While On the Go With the Free Zoho Projects Mobile App

Do you love the new design for Apple’s iPhone iOS? Do you hate it? Everyone seems to have an opinion about it – and a...

Zoho Projects 1 min read

Turn Your Meetings Around: 6 Tips from Our Users

Let’s face it – no one wakes up in the morning itching to go to their meetings for the day. There’s a reason why many people...

Zoho Projects 2 min read

Zoho Projects 4: Work More Efficiently, Even On-the-Go

Today we’re announcing general availability for Zoho Projects 4, the most complete mobile project management tool ever. Everything you need to get work done better:...

Zoho Projects 3 min read

The 7 Project Manager Personalities: Which One Are You?

With the myriad of project management resources available today to ensure organized and successful project completion, one could argue that the need for a personal...

Zoho Projects 1 min read

Infographic: What’s the Secret to Being a Successful Project Manager?

Project Managers are responsible for performing streamlined juggling acts. In addition to successfully meeting goals and objectives, Project Managers must also find a balance between...

Zoho Projects 1 min read