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We’ve been working hard to find new ways to improve the user experience which in turn helps you to improve your productivity. Even in these days of collaboration, we find that many people tend to fall back on email rather than shared online work spaces. And this being the most popular demand from most of our users we’ve included this feature as part of our recent update.


Let’s see what’s in store for you : 

Post Comments in Forums with Attachments

There may be an interesting topic going around in the
project forums and you may wish to quickly post a comment. Previously,
you had to login to Zoho Projects and then post a comment. But now you can
simply do so through an email.


Add Task Notes with Attachments

We’ve provided a unique email id for each and every task. Go to task details page. Now copy the email address and compose a mail along with your notes and
send it. You can find your notes automatically added for this task via

Add Notes for Meetings with Attachments

Similarly you can add notes and attach files for a
scheduled meeting through email. Also you can add notes for
an existing meeting through a reply mail.





It’s simple, isn’t it ? Learn more about the new feature addition at Communicate with Projects via Email

We feel that communicating via email in Zoho Projects will be extremely useful for virtual teams as this encourages informal communication and team building. It’s not
just about a new feature addition – it’s how you thoughtfully
apply it.

So find ways for your team to play with it and you’ll be amazed at how quickly they find new ways to apply them to their work process.

We hope you’d start using these features in Zoho Projects and share your experience with us at support@zohoprojects.com


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