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Features that make your practice perfect

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Client management

Efficient client management

Zoho Practice streamlines client communication and enables you to get information faster. Forget chasing clients for those last minute pieces of financial data and start solving issues faster.
Bring clients on board

Onboard your existing clients from your Zoho Books, Payroll & Expense organizations seamlessly. For new clients, you can create a new organization for each client across Zoho Finance applications like Books, Expense and Payroll in no time.

Assign staff to clients and tasks

Assign staff to your clients and tasks with clear roles. You can also tag them on client emails for those quick assignments. Make the best use of resources and optimize for maximum returns.

No more chasing clients

Leverage automated reminders and client requests to get what you need on time, be it a document or task. Zoho Practice can notify your clients about exactly what you need and let your staff know when its available.

All client communication in one place

Access all client emails, comments, tasks, documents, and staff associated with a client in one dedicated space.

Client collaboration

Streamline client collaboration

Every successful practice is built on collaboration. As your practice expands, so does the need for enhanced collaborations. Zoho Practice is your trusted ally, offering a unified platform for all your collaborative needs.
Simplify collaboration with client requests

Zoho Practice allows you to send requests to your clients, whether it's for clarifying accounting queries, addressing unresolved doubts, or requesting specific documents. These requests appear instantly within your clients' organization, neatly organized under the 'My Accountant' tab within the Accountant module.

Instantly connect with chat initiations

Facilitate focused conversations directly with your clients using the comments feature for seamless communication and rapid issue resolution. Share documents securely via encrypted chat, ensuring confidentiality and access only for authorized users.

Streamline questionnaires in a single place

Easily generate customized questionnaires for your clients, directly from the Insights module, tailored to specific fields. Each questionnaire comes complete with its own thread, attached documents, and status, providing the flexibility to mark it as answered or rejected.

Comprehend the key insights

Dive deep into your client's outstanding tasks with precision. Collaborate on bank statement categorization, ensuring fluid communication and optimal efficiency.

Digital Signatures

Within the intricate web of collaborations, digital signatures emerge as a crucial component, and that's where our integration with Zoho Sign comes into play. Effortlessly review, share documents, and request secure digital signatures from your clients.

Financial insights

Client insights and books review

Insights are your go-to agent for detailed intel on your clients' businesses. It offers real-time information to identify and resolve any irregularities in data, and shape strategic success. Get direct visibility of your clients' business health via Zoho Books, Zoho Expense, and the Zoho Payroll integration.
Aged receivables and payables

Get a hold off overdue payments and outstanding debts to keep your cash flow and client relationships healthy. Get to know who pays on time and who delays payments, and set priorities accordingly.

Cash flow insights

Businesses' success begins with cash flow analysis. Scrutinize cash shortages or surpluses and ensure your clients have the liquidity they need to thrive.


Alerts are sent out for the tasks that are left undone like tax filing, auditing, unpublished journals, unused customer or vendor credits, and unused GL or inactivity in bank transactions for over 90 days.

Bank transactions

Get complete insight on disconnected bank accounts, and uncategorized, un-reconciled, and duplicate transactions to make way for smooth audit trails, ensuring tax compliance.

General ledger

Monitor and access GL anomalies and irregular entries in your clients' Zoho Books organization, sourced from the general ledger list, and alerts from within the client dashboard. Run reports in Zoho Books to identify these discrepancies and rectify them.

Task management

Seamless task management

Streamline your accounting firm's task management and never miss a deadline! Manage accounting tasks, track completion status, and optimize processes for amazing client satisfaction and staff engagement.
Add tasks in seconds

Create tasks for your clients and assign them to your staff with just a few clicks. Add due dates, priorities, attachments, and descriptions to make sure your team has everything they need to get the job done. You may also turn on email and in-app notifications for task overdue alerts and status changes.

Automate task creation with recurring tasks

Automatically create recurring tasks like regular bank reconciliation or periodic reviews of financial statements for your clients and save time. Ensure work is assigned on time to meet deadlines consistently.

Get organized with task templates

Instantly create and assign multiple tasks across multiple clients instantaneously via task templates. Save hours spent on creating tasks, maintain consistency across projects, and reduce time spent on non-billable work.

Get a clear overview on all tasks

Improve your firm's efficiency with a comprehensive overview of all tasks. View tasks assigned to staff and track their completion status, priorities, and due dates in one place. Ease any bottlenecks by redistributing work and optimize processes for maximum value.

Bulk update tasks

Update multiple tasks simultaneously with the bulk update feature. Easily reassign tasks, and update due dates, priorities, and completion percentages.

Timesheet & billing

Boost your time tracking experience

Monitor the time spent on various clients with Zoho Practice. Stay in control of every billable minute with our user-friendly timesheets and convert time into valuable revenue.
Efficient task delegation

Streamline task assignments to specific team members, ensuring a smooth workflow. Assign dedicated timesheet specialists to record task hours accurately, facilitating straightforward tracking and management.

Live time tracking

Optimize your time management by precisely monitoring the hours dedicated to each task. Transform these tracked hours into invoices, whether through manual input or automated tracking.

Transparent time logs for clients

Provide clients with comprehensive time records showcasing task completion. Prioritize client validation before translating hours into invoices, ensuring openness and building confidence in your billing process.

Versatile billing options

Tailor your billing methods to match your practice's requirements. Whether you prefer staff hours, or task-based billing, Zoho Practice adapts to cater to your distinct project needs.

Simplified invoicing experience

Consolidate unbilled hours into a unified invoice, ensuring utmost convenience for your customers. Streamline your billing process, enhancing efficiency and eliminating hassles throughout.

Document management

Secure document storage

Managing vast amounts of data, client documents, and paperwork can be overwhelming. With document management in Zoho Practice, seamlessly store, access, and collaborate on documents, all from one secure location.
Effortless document management

Easily upload documents and associate them to specific clients. You can also attach documents to clients directly from the client dashboard for quicker access. Establish dedicated folders for specific documents, ensuring a more organized structure.

Document signing

No more post office runs or visits to clients' firms to get documents signed. Collaborate with your clients in real time and secure instant client signatures using Zoho Sign at no cost.

Document formats

Access client documents, filter them by file formats, and share or export document details in XLS, CSV and XLSX formats in a few clicks.


Dynamic client customization

It's all about personalizing your experience so they fit your firm's needs perfectly, making every task, request, and email feel like they were made just for you and your clients. Customization allows firms to tailor features to their specific needs easily, enhancing efficiency and improving client engagement.
Custom Field

Harness the power of flexible data collection with Zoho Practice's Custom Field function. Whether you are capturing varied client information or organizing essential data, create tailored fields that resonate with your specific client's business requirements and practice nuances.

Custom Status

Navigating through the multiple stages of client engagements and approvals is a breeze with Custom Status. Immerse yourself in a dynamic workflow that is as agile and diverse as your accounting practice, ensuring real-time tracking and management.

Email Customization

Create, modify, and utilize email templates that are both unique and dynamic to match your services.


Powerful and unified integrations

A robust accounting practice relies on a strong practice management software to keep your firm up and running. Zoho Practice aids you with the right solutions, right integrations, and much more. Empower your firm with integrations with Zoho Books, Zoho Payroll, and Zoho Expense.
Streamlined accounting & bookkeeping

Enjoy seamless financial management for your clients. Track income and expenses, send invoices, generate financial reports, get compliance alerts and do more with the Zoho Books integration.

Smooth payroll management

Stay on top of your business payroll while staying compliant with tax regulations. The integration with Zoho Payroll gives you a complete view of your payroll activities such as payslips and tax forms.

Easy expense management

Capture receipt details and track expenses. Gain insights with detailed expense reports, simplifying cost control.

Swift document signing

Experience hassle-free document signing with the Zoho Sign integration. Securely e-sign documents and contracts, eliminating hassles and speeding up your business processes.

Optimized email communication

Enhance your email communication with Zoho Mail. Integrate the platforms seamlessly to streamline your inbox, manage contacts, and ensure smooth email correspondence for your accounting practice.


Client automation

Zoho Practice simplifies your workflow by efficiently managing routine tasks, allowing you to dedicate more time to enhancing productivity and strategic client management.
Templates and notifications

Managing multiple clients can be a pain. Save time and effort by leveraging templates that auto-fill details when creating clients from the same industry.

Task reminders

During task creation, set reminders for tasks you frequently handle. Upon task completion, set up reminders to send out automatic emails to the users associated to the tasks. Also, help your clients instantly be aware of the users who access their organization.

Activity Log

Activity logs and audit trails

Stay in the know about your activities with our reliable Audit Trail and Activity Log feature. Be effortlessly compliant with Zoho Practice.
Stay on top of your accounting operations

Elevate transparency and accountability in your business and gain detailed insight into every action within your accounting practice. Know the who, what, when, and why effortlessly. Get a clear and comprehensive overview of all actions within your accounting practice via the Audit Trail capability.

Real-time activity tracking

Use the activity log to track your activities in real time. Say goodbye to waiting for reports or updates, and view all activities as they happen. Make informed decisions promptly with no latency.

User accountability

Assign distinct user roles and permissions while effortlessly tracking every action. In this way, you can instantly identify the source of discrepancies, fostering a culture of responsibility within your team while ensuring transparency.

Detailed audit trails

Get a comprehensive audit trail of all activities, guaranteeing your readiness for regulatory scrutiny and audits. Uphold the integrity of your client financial records and sail through the audit season with ease.

Historical activity archive

Get the required data as needed and support your accounting practice's growth with archived activity logs. Seamlessly generate reports and export logs for both internal and external use, streamlining the reporting process and ensuring data availability for audits and stakeholders.

Zoho practice

The Ultimate Zoho Practice Management

  • Easily onboard and manage your clients onto a single portfolio.
  • Set up tasks, recurring tasks, and templates.
  • Store, access, and collaborate on documents, all from one secure location.
  • Manage client requests and engage via chat and comments.
  • Stay in control of every billable minute with timesheets.
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