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  • 7 employee experience tools that every organization requires

7 employee experience tools that every organization requires

  • Last Updated : November 8, 2023
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7 employee experience tools that every organization requires

Every organization should make it a point to provide a productive, engaging, and inspiring working experience. Employees should no longer be burdened with mundane processes that prevent them from performing well in their roles. For this, it's essential that HR teams invest in modern, intuitive tech tools that save time for employees, keep them engaged, and helps them drive better results. These HR tech tools make every interaction between your employees and your HR team seamless so that work is more enjoyable.

If you are unsure which HR technologies would be worth the investment to improve the employee experience, here's a list to help you get started:

  1. Talent acquisition system

Since recruitment is one of the very first interactions between your organization and its employees, it's essential to invest in a talent acquisition system that ensures an excellent candidate experience. The talent acquisition system saves candidates from the painstaking task of filling out multiple application forms, as it can gather and store all the necessary information directly from a candidate's resume. The right talent acquisition system keeps candidates informed about every single development in the interview process. If candidates are not from the same location as your organization, they can also attend interviews, complete assessments, and exchange documents remotely through the talent acquisition system.

  1. Onboarding system

New hires require clear direction upon joining an organization; otherwise, they may feel overwhelmed and lost. The onboarding system provides them with everything they may need, and it allows them to complete onboarding paperwork online. You can use a cloud-based onboarding system to inform employees about their seating location, point of contact from the HR team, teammates, KRAs, training courses, and a lot more. All onboarding forms can be organized in a single online location so that new hires can fill them out in no time. The pre-onboarding system that comes with the onboarding system helps HR teams prepare candidates for their first day even before they join the organization.

  1. Core HR tools

Since employees have to complete regular activities like marking attendance, applying for leave, and filling out timesheets, it's essential to make core HR processes frictionless. This is where the core HR system truly shines. Its attendance system, for instance, enables employees to mark their attendance online with just the click of a button. The leave management system allows employees to send their leave requests for approval by simply specifying their leave dates and mentioning the reason. With timesheets, employees can record the time they spend on different projects by using a built-in timer. When everyday HR tasks are automated, it will ensure a more positive working experience.

  1. Communication tools

Communication is the key to improving the employee experience, as the current generation of workers aim to collaborate with their peers, exchange feedback, and stay informed about recent developments in their organization. That's why it's crucial to invest in easy-to-use communication tools that help employees stay connected. With team communication software, your employees can make audio calls and video calls, share their screens, create dedicated groups, and brainstorm new ideas. With intranet software, you can streamline internal communications by initiating discussions, encouraging employees to share their perspectives and feedback, facilitating interactions with C-level leaders, and providing updates about business developments.

  1. Performance management system

Improving the employee experience also means empowering your teams to do their best work. A designated performance management system provides useful tools that let employees keep better track of their goals, competencies, and skill sets. It also enables managers and HR teams to run performance reviews more regularly, which helps them appreciate team achievements more often and gives employees more insight into their strengths and weaknesses. Employees can exchange feedback with both their peers and their managers to build a stronger sense of team spirit.

  1. Learning management system

The current generation of employees expects their organizations to provide meaningful career development opportunities that connect well with their everyday work activities, help them adopt new skills, and make their work purposeful. To be able to organize training programs regularly and help employees learn on the go, it's essential to invest in a proper learning management system (LMS). The LMS provides a holistic learning experience to employees by helping them learn at their own pace, access a variety of learning resources, follow learning plans that target their training needs, interact with their peers and course instructors, and get meaningful feedback.

  1. Surveys

Surveys are excellent tools for improving the employee experience, as they help organizations truly understand what employees want and how they perceive their management. It also allows HR teams to gauge their workforce's engagement, commitment, and satisfaction levels. When you have a proper survey tool in place, you can create and circulate surveys in no time. As employees start filling out the surveys, the survey tool will analyze their responses and provide actionable insights.

Enhancing the employee experience

Investing in technology is the only sustainable way to design a powerful working experience for your employees. It leaves a positive impact on almost every stage of the employee life cycle and makes your organization a great place to work. 

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