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  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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Benefits of using HR mobile apps

Increasingly, HR teams around the world are looking to improve their HR operations to increase employee engagement and retention. Providing an engaging and interesting experience to employees has become one of the foremost functions of HR teams. According to Gallupmillennials expect more than just a salary from their organization. They are in search of jobs that have a purpose. Candidates are hesitant to accept job offers from companies that don’t prioritize employee engagement and employee experience. They have started to judge an organization based on the different things they do to improve the overall journey of their employees. In such a case, having mobile applications to perform HR functions can better satisfy your workers. With suitable HR mobile applications, employees will be able to work on the go, making things easy for them and you. The following are some of the benefits of having mobile apps to perform HR functions:

  • Improves employee engagement

Engagement increases when employees are given opportunities to make their work easier, and technology plays a huge role in this. Having a mobile app to perform HR functions means essential information is just a click away. When routine HR processes are well-defined and easy to access, the internal capability of your teams is enhanced and employees are more engaged.

  • Offers flexibility

According to a survey conducted by Global workforce analytics and Flex Jobs, the popularity of flexibility in the workplace has increased by 91% during the last 10 years. Offering flexibility helps organizations improve their employer brand since candidates consider it heavily when evaluating a job offer. With HR mobile apps, employees will be able to clock in and clock out easily, and with geo-restrictions, they can even do so from different locations. As all the necessary information related to their work is present on their mobile device, employees can work at their convenience.

  • Facilitates time off requests and approval

An easy time off request and approval process enhances employee satisfaction and morale and reduces unscheduled absenteeism. Having HR mobile apps allows employees to apply for time off right from their phones. Managers can also easily view and approve the requests. Employees can calculate the number of days off taken and the number of days still available.

  • Simplifies document management

When the document management process is not streamlined, a lot of time is lost and employee productivity takes a hit. In today’s work environment, remote working is increasing steadily, and employees need to have access to all the documents from their mobile device. For instance, new hires can easily access the employee handbook, company policies and more. Employees may be required to share important documents when they are outside the office, and they can’t always carry their laptops. With an HR mobile app, documents can be shared from the document repository no matter the time or place.

Using an HR mobile app, employees can easily access all the necessary information including time off balances, the employee directory, documents, pending tasks, and more whenever and wherever they want. Also, when such initiatives are taken to make their jobs easier, employees will feel respected and engage better with the organization. With Zoho People’s iOS and android mobile application, all your HR tasks can be tracked and maintained from anywhere.

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