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SAP offers an HRIS solution that can automate HR operations in your organization. Some of the major focus areas of SAP’s HRIS include employee experience management, core HR and payroll, talent management, and HR analytics. With these modules, SAP’s HRIS aims to put employees first and ensure their needs are met. However, SAP is not as user-friendly as you might think. Employees expect the software they use to be simple, modern, and contexual. Implementing a system that is hard to understand will not encourage your employees to learn the software system.

ZohoPeople’s HRIS, on the other hand, is easy to install, set up, and use. This motivates your employees to get the most out of the software. Zoho People has been crafted to improve the overall experience of your employees and meet their needs efficiently. Here are five reasons why you should choose Zoho People over SAP Success Factor:

  • User-friendly interface

Having a well-designed interface allows users to locate the software’s features easily, giving them a better experience.  A clunky UI forces users to spend more time completing a single task. This means less time will be diverted to other initiatives that could better benefit the organization’s growth.

SAP Success Factor’s UI design is not straightforward, and it takes quite a lot of time for the user to learn the software completely. Navigation within the system can be a little challenging, making tasks difficult to complete. Zoho People’s HRIS has been designed to help users complete a task with very few clicks. Both the administrator and employee interface has been optimized individually according to their needs. You can master our software with very little training.

  • Excellent customer support

You might need the vendor’s support to set up the system and answer your questions as you begin to use the software. The customer support provided by SAP Success Factor can be a little slow, meaning you must spend more time learning on your own. This can reduce your productivity and employee morale.

Zoho People has a dedicated team of support employees to help our customers adopt and use our HRIS. If critical issues arise, we provide remote support to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Additionally, we have help documents and a variety of how-to videos to help our customers answer commonly asked questions.

  • Easy and useful integrations

In today’s age of flexible working, employees make use of different applications to complete their work. While using many applications makes work easier, having to log in to multiple platforms to see one workflow through from beginning to end will damage productivity. Integrating similar platforms is the perfect solution to this common problem.

When it comes to integration, SAP Success Factors doesn’t have very many options. Zoho People’s HRIS is integrated with several useful applications, including Zoho Recruit, Zoho Expense, Zoho Payroll, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Sign, Xoxoday, Google Calender, and Microsoft—just to name a few. These integrations allow you and your employees to complete everything they need to do from a single platform.

  • Features that work together

Every feature in a software system should communicate well and stay in sync. In SAP Success Factors, most of the features work independent of each other. Some of the features in Zoho People work really well together so that employees don’t have to do the same work more than once. For instance, our Learning Management System (LMS) works with our Performance Management System to update the skillset score of your employees when a course is completed. In the same way, our attendance and time-off management system works with Zoho Payroll so you don’t have to spend extra time calculating the work hours of your employees.

  • Customization options

Every organization has different HR needs, and customization helps the software system meet them. When it comes to customization, SAP Success Factors scores low. Conversely, Zoho People’s HRIS is highly customizable. Our product developers understand our customer’s needs and ensure that features are tweaked to meet them, improving their productivity.

Though SAP Success Factors works as a comprehensive HRIS, some of these shortcomings may hinder user experience. Zoho People’s HRIS is a straightforward tool for both HR and employees to boost their productivity and automate routine tasks. We hope that you find our software just as useful as the thousands of other people who are using Zoho People. Learn more about our HRIS.

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