What's new in Zoho People: November 2022

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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Zoho People Product Updates - November 2022

As we start closing the curtains on this year, we at Zoho People want to introduce new features that our product team worked on during November 2022. Since career development continues to be a crucial aspect that the current generation of employees expects from their workplace, we've introduced some useful enhancements to our LMS. Here's what's new in Zoho People since November 2022:

  • Manager Evaluation in LMS

Zoho People's LMS is flexible and user-friendly so that training is easier for learners. It has a multitude of features, including grading, online tests, self-paced and blended learning, and e-materials, to make learning simple and effective. To elevate our LMS, we've introduced Manager Evaluation, a new feature that enables managers to evaluate and score learner performance in a particular course. Managers can either choose the simple Scoring method or the advanced Rubrics method to evaluate a learner's answers and see if they've understood the essence of the training. Learn more about Manager Evaluation in LMS.

  • Course filter in LMS

The learning plan in our LMS allows you to create different topic levels, add relevant courses to each one, and define the expected learning outcomes. This provides learners with a systematic approach to training. With one of our recent enhancements, it's now possible to filter the list of active courses. In the default view, all the active courses will be listed, and when the All Courses option is selected, disabled courses along with the active courses are listed. Learn more about learning plans.

  • Other enhancements in LMS

With one of our recent updates to the assignments feature, learners will now be able to track the status, due date, and maximum grade for different assignments. In another update, when all mandatory items are finished, that particular course can be marked as complete automatically.

  • Bi-weekly shift rotation in the attendance management system

The shift rotation feature present as part of our shift management system enables HR teams to rotate employees from one shift to another shift automatically based on the defined frequency. Before, the frequency of the schedule could be daily, monthly, or weekly. With the latest enhancement, HR teams will now be able to rotate employee shift schedules once every two weeks. Learn more about this enhancement.

  • Goal setting period in the performance management system

The performance management system allows HR teams, managers, and employees to stay on top of their organizational goals. Goals can be added in no time and accessed by anyone with suitable permissions. To make the goals feature more useful, we've introduced the Goal Setting feature. With this option, performance admins can define the period within which employees have to set goals for themselves. The period defined can be restricted to a specific set of employees, if not to your entire organization. Admins can also enable automatic reminder emails that go out to employees if goals are not set within the defined period, and they can extend the goal-setting period as well. Learn more about this feature. 

Wrapping up

We hope these features help your organization make HR processing even easier. Please try these features out and let us know if you found them useful in the comments section below! Any questions regarding these features can be sent to support@zohopeople.com.

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