What's new in Zoho People: June 2022

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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Zoho People Product updates: June 2022

New month, new features and enhancements to streamline HR operations and optimize moments that truly matter to employees. This month, we have quite a few updates pertaining to some of our most important modules, including LMS and employee onboarding, and we are delighted to share them with you.

Here's everything new in Zoho People since June 2022:

  • LMS enhancements

Zoho People's LMS has been designed with the needs of the modern workforce in mind. It puts learners in the driver's seat so they can learn at a flexible pace, from a place and at a time that is convenient to them.

With one of our recent enhancements, the course administrator now has the option to mark a course as complete only when the learner completes the pre- and post-course activities and provides feedback about the course. Learn more about this feature

In another enhancement, we've added a new test type to the online test feature in our LMS module. With this enhancement, learners can now add descriptive answers up to 500 words. Course administrators and trainers can define the word limit, and they can evaluate and provide feedback on the answers too. Learn more about this enhancement

We've also introduced an enhancement to the feature in LMS that allows learners to provide feedback on a course. Previously, course administrators could only select the default templates available in our LMS to collect feedback from learners. With our new enhancement, course administrators can create custom feedback templates and either add questions of their own or select from the preexisting questions. Learn more about this enhancement

  • Onboarding module enhancement

Zoho People's onboarding system comes with a multitude of features that help organizations set their new hires up for success. One of its features enables HR teams to exchange and complete paperwork even before candidates join the organization. During such cases, HR teams can make sure new hires go through the contents of the document completely by including an acknowledgment checkbox. With our latest enhancement, it is now possible to add documents that need acknowledgment to the onboarding flow. Once employees go through the document, they'll have to tick a checkbox to confirm that they've read it. Learn more about this new feature

  • Performance management system enhancement

The performance management system in Zoho People takes the tedium out of performance reviews and makes it easy for HR teams and managers to conduct reviews once a month, quarter, or half-year. It covers everything from goals, KRAs, competencies, and skillset to salary hikes, feedback, normalization, and reports. In one of our latest enhancements, we've made it possible for performance administrators to mark the appraisal process as complete as soon as the final reviewer completes their review, even when multiple levels of review have been configured. In case there are any subsequent levels of reviews, those will be skipped automatically. Learn more about this enhancement

In another enhancement, performance administrators can exclude employees who are serving their notice period from the appraisal cycle automatically. Learn more about this enhancement

Wrapping up

All of these features are now live in Zoho People. Take them for a spin and let us know how they were helpful to your organization. In case of queries, please write to us at support@zohopeople.com.

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