What's new in Zoho People: July 2021

  • Last Updated: August 6, 2021
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What's New in Zoho People - July 2021

We are back again with our monthly feature updates to brief you on all the prominent features and enhancements that have been introduced to strengthen Zoho People. With these features, we strive to help you simplify your core HR process and provide an exceptional employee experience that makes you stand out as an employer. Presenting to you all the features and enhancements introduced in Zoho People during July 2021:

  • Normalize employee ratings during reviews

The Performance Management System (PMS) in Zoho People works just the way you want, making performance reviews as useful and meaningful as possible to your employees. This past month, we introduced Normalization as part of the appraisal cycle settings. The Normalization feature can be used to adjust employee ratings based on your organization's ideal rating distribution. This helps managers to be objective with their ratings and identify different levels of performers. Once the review period is over, admins can get a clear view of ratings that fall inside or outside of the defined ideal. For outliers, they can normalize the ratings themselves or request that the appraiser normalize the ratings. This ensures that performance-based rewards, like bonuses or raises, are distributed more equitably. Learn more about normalization.

  • Add the same course to multiple learning plans

Learning plans in Zoho People allow employees to complete their courses systematically. In a learning plan, it's easier to add different training levels and the courses pertaining to those levels to better help employees develop their skills. With our new enhancement, you can now add a particular course to more than one learning plan. This way, every learning plan can be made comprehensive with the courses they need without you having to do double the work of setting up a course. Learn more about this enhancement. 

  • Define salary hikes based on specific criteria

Raises, or hikes, are an essential aspect of performance management. How you use performance ratings to process hikes can have a huge impact on employee morale and satisfaction. With the new enhancement to the salary hike feature in Zoho People, you can now define hikes based on an employee's designation, work experience, or date of joining. For employees who don't fall under a selected category, the allocated hike percentage you set for them will be taken into account. Learn more about this feature. 

  • Bulk export all user time log entries

Time logs in Zoho People allow employees to record the time they spend on each of their tasks, either manually or automatically. The time logs created using Zoho People can be cloned, viewed, edited, deleted, and exported to simplify the complete time tracking process for you and your employees. With our new enhancement, admins can now export the time entries of all the users in a single shot, reducing the need for repetitive work and data errors. Learn more about this enhancement.

Please note that this action can be performed only by Zoho People administrators.

  • Export payroll reports in Sure Payroll format

If you're using Sure Payroll and are having a hard time changing the payroll report from the Zoho People to the Sure Payroll format, our new enhancement has you covered. With the new enhancement, Sure Payroll users can export their payroll data from Zoho People in the Sure Payroll format directly. This means you don't have to spend time manually changing the format. Learn more about this enhancement. 

Wrapping up

We hope these features add more value to your HR operations and help you automate any manual tasks that are taking up your precious time. Take these features for a spin and let us know how they help your organization in the comments section below. For questions, please write to support@zohopeople.com.

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