What can automation software do for HR professionals?

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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How can HR automation software help HR teams

Your HR team plays a key role in the success and development of your organization's employees. From recruitment to resignation, HR professionals guide them every step of the way, and that involves many routine (but essential) tasks. Managing everything manually can be tiring and time-consuming, especially if you have a sizable workforce.

To make this easier, several HR professionals have started using cloud-based HR software to automate their organization's HR processes. Not only has this freed up their time and made their jobs more enjoyable, but it has also given them the opportunity to provide a better employee experience. HR software has all the necessary features to help HR professionals create an excellent working culture in their organization. Here's how automation software can help your HR team:

  • Onboard new employees

A well-planned onboarding goes a long way toward keeping your new hires engaged and motivated. Without HR software, your employees and HR managers will have to do everything manually, which doesn't allow for an optimized onboarding experience. Introducing a digital system means that employees will be able to complete their onboarding paperwork online. HR software also supports digital signature tools to help your employees sign different letters and contracts with their phones or laptops. Reports can be generated that allow you to track employee progress through each stage of onboarding. Once onboarding is complete, the HR software saves all the essential documents automatically to ensure compliance.

  • Conduct performance reviews

Using HR software, you can easily run regular performance reviews. This allows you to give employees more insight into multiple aspects of their performance, such as: 

  • How well they are progressing toward their goals

  • Whether they're meeting their KRAs

  • What skills they might need to develop

  • What their core competencies are

Your employees can also do self-evaluations and present them to your HR managers or their team leads to get clarity on their contribution towards the organization. HR managers can take advantage of multi-rater feedback to receive insight about an employee's performance from their peers. This will help managers to run unbiased performance reviews and give advice that employees can act on. Additionally, employees can also share their feedback on the review process and provide their opinions on how to improve the working culture at your organization.

  • Manage leave requests and attendance

Handling attendance and time off manually can be challenging for both you and your employees. Using HR software, your employees can mark their attendance online. Geo-tracking and facial recognition features can be used to ensure that your employees work from their assigned locations. The software can be integrated with the attendance devices at your worksite, too. Your employees can request time off through the software application, and managers can approve these requests right away from the same system. This allows everything to stay organized and documented. Employees can get an overview of the days off they have available, their requests, and their scheduled PTO without having to contact the HR department.

  • Automate repetitive tasks

HR professionals deal with a lot of repetitive tasks like sending out offer letters, date reminders, training updates, and more. With HR software, they can wave goodbye to all these mundane activities by creating automated workflows for them. For instance, while onboarding new hires, they can create a workflow that will automatically send them a welcome letter. This gives them more time to do other important activities, such as allocating seat location, providing IT assets, and creating login credentials. If these tasks are to be delegated, then checklists can be created and assigned to the employees responsible for performing them. Your HR team can then track the status of each task through the software.

  • Support employee learning and development

Offering learning and development opportunities to your employees empowers them to develop their skills and work better for your organization. With the Learning Management System (LMS) that comes with HR software, your employees can learn from wherever they are. Courses can be built from scratch and course content can be added in the form of documents, videos, URLs, gifs, podcasts, and more. Learners can initiate discussions with their peers and course instructors within the LMS to clarify any points they're struggling with and understand other perspectives. Assessments can also be created to evaluate the effectiveness of the learning programs.

Using HRsoftware, HR professionals can automate and simplify the routine tasks that distract them from focusing on more complex, strategic initiatives. However, with so many vendors present in the market now, it's necessary to select the HR software that is consistent with your organizational needs. Here's a complete guide to selecting the right HR software for your organization.

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