Improve these 4 HR processes with people analytics

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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Improve these HR Processes with people analytics

Adopting a data-driven approach to HR is more important than ever. With access to accurate data, HR departments can streamline each step of an employee's journey, from onboarding to offboarding, and make more informed decisions.

Here are four key HR processes that you can improve with people analytics:

  1. Hiring

Hiring the right people is vital to business success. If a new employee doesn't share your organization's values, it could disrupt the productivity of your teams.

With the help of people analytics, you can pinpoint the qualities, skills, and behaviors that make your existing employees successful and happy at your organization. This information will allow you to seek out qualified candidates more efficiently. Analyzing hiring data can also reveal where your organization stands in terms of diversity. Additionally, reviewing recruitment metrics like time to hire, cost per hire, and source of hire can help you further streamline the recruitment process.

  1. Employee learning and development

Employee learning and development programs can transform the way your employees work. People analytics equips you to make informed decisions as you design company training courses.

For instance, employee performance data can show you the top skills required for an individual to succeed in a particular role. By analyzing the skill set of your highest-performing employees, you'll discover useful training topics for new hires. Once employees have completed a learning and development course, you can interpret the training data to glean key insights. Course completion and drop-off data can indicate whether your training is engaging, and employee test results can showcase the course material's efficacy.

  1. Employee engagement

Engaged employees enjoy their roles. They are motivated to improve the company and tend to experience lower rates of burnout. People analytics makes it easy to monitor and improve employee engagement, no matter where employees work from.

By analyzing employee interactions, role-related feedback, performance data, attendance, and survey results, you can quickly identify the employees that require more support. As you review the data, you'll be able to find patterns between why some employees are engaged and why some are not. For instance, engaged employees will likely have reasonable work loads and a strong working relationship with their manager, while disengaged employees struggle to feel supported and valued in their roles. People analytics could help you uncover insights into how employees perceive their work, their confidence in organizational leadership, and your ability to improve their engagement.

  1. Employee retention

Retaining top talent saves your organization from unnecessary turnover, and it creates a great impression among potential candidates. People analytics can help you identify and resolve issues that force employees to quit.

Exit interview data is most beneficial to this cause. Insights gathered from exit interviews can help your organization understand why employees want to stay and why some employees want to quit. Similarly, interpreting the data of employees who have stayed with your organization for more than five years can help identify factors that motivate employees to stay. These insights can help you generate retention strategies that work.

Elevating employee management with people analytics

Employee data, when used effectively, uncovers valuable insights that can truly take your employee management strategies to the next level.

Zoho People, our HR software, comes with a built-in people analytics feature that provides tons of useful information on every HR function, from onboarding to offboarding. Learn more about Zoho People's people analytics system. 


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