5 things to consider when choosing between HCM software providers

  • Last Updated : February 2, 2024
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Selecting the right HCM software

Choosing software that is consistent with your organization's needs is one of the prerequisites to ensuring successful adoption. When it comes to selecting software for human capital management (HCM), you have to be even more prudent. Other systems may only be used by certain teams or branches, but HCM software must be adopted by almost every employee in your organization. After spending so much time, energy, and money on research, meetings, negotiations, demos, and trial periods, you don't want to end up with software that does more harm than good to your organization. An inadequate HCM system drags your employee experience down and slows productivity. To help you select the HCM software that best fits your organization's needs, consider these five points:

  • Features and functionality

It should go without saying that the HCM software you select needs to have all the features your organization needs. For instance, if your organization's major goal is to manage all your HR operations without hiring additional staff, then the HCM software should be able to automate and simplify time-consuming administrative tasks like HR data entry, employee attendance management, payroll management, compliance, and more. Similarly, if you want to track and improve employee performance or organize regular training programs, the software you select should have powerful talent management and professional development capabilities. So, before selecting HCM software, analyze your existing HR issues and define what you wish to change or improve with the system you implement. Check out our blog to understand the top 5 features to look for in your next HCM software. 

  • User experience

Because of the overwhelming amount of employee buy-in you'll need, user experience is one of the biggest considerations to make when selecting HCM software. Most organizations deploy HR applications that provide a more seamless working experience to their employees. If the HCM software has cluttered screens and complex navigation, that core purpose is practically impossible to achieve. Work will become even more tiring and painful for your employees, and they may grow resentful for having to take time out of their day to learn a system that doesn't operate how it should. That's why the HCM software you select should have a user-friendly interface, make repetitive tasks easier, and allow employees to manage their work more efficiently.

  • Integrations

The last thing you or your employees want is a bunch of software applications that don't communicate with each other. This will double the amount of work employees must do since they'll have to manually transfer data from one system to the next. Also, the HCM software you select may not have everything that you need to run your business. In that case, its integration capabilities have to make up that difference. For instance, you may have payroll software already, so you opt out of adopting a payroll feature as part of your HCM system. In that case, you'll have to ensure that your existing payroll system and your new HCM software work together. When the systems are tightly integrated, the payroll software will draw the attendance and leave data required for payroll calculation directly from your HCM software. This is just one example of why it's vital that you select HCM software that can integrate with the apps you already use and any you expect to implement in the future. 

  • Mobile software

Considering the rising popularity of remote work and other flexible workplace practices, mobile accessibility is one of the most important capabilities that you should look for in your next HCM software. A mobile HCM app allows employees to complete HR tasks from anywhere, at any time. This could be applying for time off, clocking in and out, or even taking employee training courses. For your people management team, a mobile app gives them quick access to all the HR information they need, such as leave balances, attendance records, payslips, peer contact directories, performance data, and more.  All else being equal, choose the HCM software that has exceptional mobile functionality across both Android and iOS devices.

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  • Customization

Some features in your HCM software may not work exactly the way you want them to right out of the box, and yet there will inevitably be functions that are specific to your business and that you can't compromise on. When choosing HCM software, be sure that the system supports customization and that the provider is open to 1) taking requests and 2) assisting with any custom workflows you need built. For instance, you need your HCM software to be consistent with the leave laws pertaining to your organization, or perhaps you require an HR report that isn't available by default. In such a case, the HCM software should have the customization options to reasonably accommodate your needs and the support team to make those customizations happen.

Wrapping up

HCM software is something that you and your employees will use every day for a very long time. Don't underestimate the role it plays in influencing your employees' perception of your organization and the relationships they develop with their peers. Any software you implement should align with your needs and have the capability to grow with your organization, but this is especially true for HCM software.

Zoho People, our HCM software, comes with all the features that are necessary to take the HR operations in your organization to the next level. It's easy to use, affordable, and customizable, so you and your employees can work in a way that is consistent with your organization's needs. Learn more about Zoho People.

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