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Keep it simple

Automate all your daily Human Resource processes with our HR system’s streamlined approach. Bring all your HR activities under one roof, and avoid working in silos. With one system for everything, Zoho People has you covered.


All your data in one cloud

Maintain a single database of all your employees' information. Our easy-to-use system consolidates your data from all designations, departments, and locations to a single cloud. Add, modify, and delete user information with customized and highly secure user access controls.

Attendance at your fingertips

Know who is in and out of the office without breaking a sweat. Zoho People’s HR system keeps track of employee attendance and allows to you configure shifts. Our software also integrates with biometrics and other APIs to make attendance tracking easier.

Reports that speak volumes
zoho people performancezoho people performance
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Performance management

Learn how your team is doing with advanced analytics and performance evaluation metrics such as KRAs and goals. Recognize and reward employees at the right intervals to increase engagement and retention. Provide personalized feedback, and enable your team members to bank on their strengths and build on their weaknesses.

Leave calculation

Simplify your leave calculations with our Human Resource system. Configure leave types and policies to align them with your organizational policies. Empower employees to request and track their own time off. Configure our absence scheduler to check and inquire about an employee’s leave.

  • Leave management
  • Leave management
  • Leave management
  • Leave management
  • Leave management
  • Leave management

Visualize your information

With Zoho People at your side, delve into the details of your HR processes with insightful graphs and reports. Be it your team’s performance or the employee turnover for the year, visualize and understand the health of your business.

Precise performance analysis

Made for every Business


Run all your HR operations under a single, comprehensive roof. Build your business while we automate all your processes, customized to your organizational needs.


Focus on your organization's growth and leave the HR processes to us. Zoho People helps you customize and automate your routine activities.


Create strategies to focus on employee engagement while meeting your targets. Advanced analytics and powerful integrations help you run your business efficiently.

Geared for every Industry

Media and advertising

Collaborate and manage a diverse workforce

Information technology

Cater to the needs of an evolving workforce


Streamline a cohesive working curriculum


Consolidate all your HR processes with ease


Manage a comprehensive HR suite for all your employees' needs


One of the best things about Zoho People is its flexibility. It is not used just by our HR department but also by our Delivery Leaders, Office Management, Training Department and Finance Departments"

Zuzana Reingraberova Event & Training Manager, Tesena

Build and manage an efficient workforce with our intuitive Human Resource System.

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