Zoho People on the go

Reach out to your people even when you're commuting or away on a trip. Zoho People's iOS and Android apps help you keep track of all your HR functions from anywhere. 


All HR services in a single tab. Just a click allows employees to access any service, with all the associated documents and FAQ.

Just a click will do

Clock-in and clock-out with just a click. Geo-restrictions ensure that employees only check-in from the right locations.

Find what you're looking for

Easily search for employees through the directory in the mobile app. Get all the details you need, and make a direct call from inside Zoho People.

Easy submission of leave and time-log data

Employees can request leave approval or add hours to their timesheets, all from their smartphones. You can even ensure that employees only check-in and log time from the office through IP restrictions.

Ask your questions on the go

How many days of leave do I have left? Who should I contact regarding my health insurance? If employees have a query, they can go ahead and ask their HR team from wherever they are. HR agents can pick up the questions, assign tasks, and answer on the go.

Task completed

Create, assign, and track tasks from anywhere. Zoho People lets you stay on top of things even when you're away from your desk.

Approve on the move

All it takes is a single click for employees to submit requests and for managers to approve them. Zoho People's mobile app cuts through the busywork and lets you get down to business.