Attendance Management

An intuitive tool to track employee clock-in and clock-out, schedule shifts and enable easy attendance tracking.

Check-in & Check-out made Easy

With Zoho People, you can monitor your employees' in-time, out-time and total number of hours worked, including break intervals with ease! Managers can track their employees' time and attendance from anywhere and at any time. You can use an API to integrate the attendance management software with any type of attendance terminals in your organization. This includes online web check-in and check-out that lets managers control where an employee can clock-in/clock-out from. Entry and exit data of your employees will be captured and the total number of hours worked will be calculated automatically.

Customize to Suit your Requirements

Zoho People's attendance module lets you configure and customize the Attendance module according to your organization's requirements. Zoho People's attendance module has flexible options that allows you to add user specific settings where you can set permissions and working hours for a specific user, map user ID from the attendance terminals, set maximum working hours for half day & full day, configure shift details, import attendance data and much more!

Automatic Shift Scheduling

No more marking calendars and updating excel sheets with employee shift information. The Attendance module in Zoho People is enhanced with automatic shift scheduling. With a click of a button an easy system can be created where employee shifts can be scheduled based on roles and departments and employees notified beforehand about the change in their shifts. You can rotate shifts periodically with the automated scheduler. Conflicts in shift assignments can be resolved easily as the system flags an error when an employee is assigned to more than one shift at a time.

Set Permissions Effortlessly

In Zoho People, you can configure access permissions for attendance reports. It can be either the administrator or the reporting manager. In case of the reporting manager, only his/her team members' reports will be displayed. As an administrator, you will have access to your entire organization's report.

Appealing Graphical Report

Zoho People's attendance management system gives you a color-coded graphical chart summarizing the number of employees in total, the number of employees present, the number of employees absent, the employees on leave & those employees who are on vacation. With Zoho People's attendance module you can generate daily and custom reports for individual employees, departments and locations. You can also export the attendance report data in the XLS, CSV and PDF formats as and when required.