Payroll processing is a challenging task to keep in check. Hours seem to be never ending, with a deluge of information to weather: taxes, reimbursements, allowances, expenses, absences…and the list keeps expanding. In addition, it becomes trickier when your workforce is larger. According to IRS statistics, 33% of employers make payroll errors. Now, that’s an embarrassing number.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could not just avoid those errors, but also be more efficient? If all the required payroll input is held in a single repository and can be easily shared? And if payroll and payslip generation weren’t such laborious tasks? Well, that’s exactly what Zoho People strives for.

We’re happy to announce that Zoho People has joined hands with greytHR, a payroll application to create smarter, better and efficient payroll processes.

NOTE: This integration is only available for India and UAE.

                                        How does the integration work?

Sync up your employee database 

Employee information is the key to starting payroll processes. Syncing your organization’s employee database takes just a few clicks. The integration automatically syncs employee database fields, such as Employee ID, Name, Date of Joining, and Location,  with your greytHR account. Any changes made to these fields is updated automatically.

Loss of Pay data? Just a click 

LOP details need to be calculated every month for accurate pay. A trivial lapse could lead to overpaying or underpaying employees. Zoho People takes charge of calculating your employees’ LOP days.When synced with greytHR, the admin will be able to push the LOP report for that particular pay period and process the payroll with ease.

Capture employee expenses, benefits, and more

Reimbursements, employee salary details, travel expenses, shift allowances, benefits, and Provident Fund (PF) information can be easily captured from Zoho People and pushed to your greytHR account.

Quick and automatic payslip generation 

No more printed payslips or separate logins needed for employees to access their salary information. Once the payroll is processed and disbursed, payslips and statements are generated through greytHR and can be instantly accessed from Zoho People’s self-service portal.

Say goodbye to stressful paydays! Integrate now and experience the joys of a fully integrated HR system.

To get started with the integration, contact us at

  1. GK

    One of our customer in Singapore has purchased Zoho One and is eager to know the timeframe/options for local Singapore payroll integration options

    • Princy

      Hi GK,
      We’re glad to hear that! As of now, we don’t have any specific timeframe, but it would be great if you could let us know the customer’s payroll provider so that we can check the feasibility.

  2. Freddy Noriega

    When this integration will be available for México?

    • Princy

      Hi Freddy,
      Please let us know your payroll provider, so that we can check the feasibility and inform you.