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How to gather insights from a cold heatmap

Here's what you can do when you have a heatmap with clicks scattered all over:
  • Use scrollmap and attention map to pinpoint core activity hotspots.
  • Don't offer the visitor too many choices on a single page (too many CTAs).
  • You might be showing this page to the wrong audience; reassess your targeting strategy.

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Why conducting polls is the best way to get the pulse of your visitors

  • Build a direct, no filter communication channel to pick your visitor's mind.
  • Use timely visitor feedback to prioritize product releases and shape roadmap.
  • Get free product/website feedback without spending on external surveys.

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How to minimize drop-offs on longer forms

To minimize the drop-off of a lengthy form, consider:
  • Making the CTA content engaging and direct.
  • Breaking down the form into multiple steps.
  • Including a progress bar for long forms.

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How session recordings can help you decode visitor behavior

Here's what you should be looking for in playbacks to find the pain-points that prevent your visitors from converting:
  • Identify UI bugs that prevent conversions.
  • Easily isolate the reasons visitors might be abandoning their browsing session.
  • Find points of user experience friction on your website.

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How to fix low conversion rates from search ads 

If you're still having below average conversion rates of visitors coming to your page from search ads, consider:
  • Checking if the information on the landing page is ad-relevant.
  • Eliminating the form fields causing the highest friction.
  • Making the landing page responsive.

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