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Try Zoho Office Integrator—an easy, secure way to integrate Zoho's world-class document, presentation, and spreadsheet editors into your web applications.

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How does Zoho Office Integrator work?

Zoho Office Integrator allows you to securely upload your documents on Zoho servers, temporarily, to enable editing and real-time collaboration. You can then edit them from within your web app. Upon saving, the updated document is pushed to your server and the temporary copy is immediately deleted from Zoho's server.



  • Full-featured editors

    Robust editors include extensive editing, collaboration, and publishing features.

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  • Support for MS Office formats

    View and edit popular file formats such as .rtf, .docx, .doc, .txt, .html, .csv, .tsv, .ods, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .odp, and .sxi.

  • Extend functionality

    Build custom functionalities for your business workflows.

  • SDKs for quick integration

    Jumpstart integration with our Python, C#, Node.js, PHP, and Java SDK.

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  • Granular customization

    Personalize display language, date, time, numbers, and favicons.

  • Fine-grained control

    Control editor/document access with custom roles and permissions.

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  • Create online forms

    Create and publish forms and collect the right data to make better business decisions.

  • Make PDFs interactive

    Transform existing PDFs into interactive, online forms and share to fill them in.

  • Document merge

    Use advanced merge options to import data from external sources to generate documents in bulk.

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  • Data analysis

    Analyze data more effectively with 40 chart types and a dynamic pivot table builder.

  • AI-powered data cleaning

    Automate the data process and analysis with our AI-powered assistant.

  • Interactive sheets

    Build interactive applications with dropdowns, check boxes, and date pickers.

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  • Better viewer engagement

    Enhance viewer engagement through videos with voice overs and background music.

  • Visually appealing

    Improve visual appeal with charts to complement your data.

  • Smart data elements

    Enhance data with smart elements.

Other significant

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  • White labeling
  • Usage-based licensing
  • Runs on any OS (including Linux)
  • Data security
  • AI-driven capabilities

Zoho Office Integrator:
The Concept

Zoho Office Integrator is your solution to building web applications with the capability to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Zoho Office Integrator is perfect for you, if you:

  • Need a full-fledged office suite in your custom web application.
  • Would like to create and publish forms for your business needs from your app.
  • Wish to create, edit, and view documents in your web app and store them on your local or network storage.
  • Want to quickly integrate a document management solution with minimal configuration and zero hardware costs.
  • Want to offer a seamless experience to your users when they view, edit, and collaborate on MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.
  • Need an integrated office solution at an affordable and flexible price.

Real-world uses for Office Integrator

Documents are everywhere, and, as long as there are documents, you have to create and edit them. Here are some ways our customers use Zoho Office Integrator:

  • CRM, project management, and education systems

    To create and edit MS Office, Open Office, Text, or HTML files.

  • Contract management systems

    To negotiate contracts in real time using document review tools.

  • Website builders

    To allow visitors to view and edit content within a website.

  • File management systems

    To open and edit documents from an existing database.

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"With Zoho Office Integrator, we could significantly reduce the turnaround time of legal document collaboration with our clients, law-firms and others and execute the debt transaction faster."

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Yogesh Narayanan Engineering Lead, Vivriti Capital

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Frequently asked questions

Where will be the documents saved?

Documents are saved in your storage servers directly from the editor. Zoho Office Integrator allows you to save the document content back to your storage servers or document repository through webhooks.

Can I use the office editors under my own brand?

Yes, White Labeling feature is available for Office Integrator as an add-on. Users subscribed to the "Commercial" pricing plan can purchase the add-on from the store.

Does Zoho Office Integrator support SSL?

Yes, we support both HTTP as well as HTTPS URL schemes. SSL is supported across all Zoho Office Integrator pricing plans–paid and free.

How's Office Integrator different from Microsoft's WOPI?

While it's mandatory for all MS Office (WOPI) business users to have an Office 365 subscription as well as a Microsoft account, Zoho Office Integrator does not impose such restrictions on users of businesses integrating its online office editors.

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