Zoho Office Integrator helps Vivriti Capital collaborate easily with counter-parties.

About Vivriti Capital:

Founded in 2017, and based in Chennai, Vivriti Capital is an RBI regulated financial corporation, serving a client base of financial institutions, corporations, small enterprises, and individuals who lack access to financial services.

Their main services include:
  • Lending and investing
  • Investment banking
  • Transaction advisory, liabilities, and risk management

The founding team is committed to making Vivriti Capital a one stop shop for all the debt requirements of its target clientele.

The process:

Vivriti Capital is primarily a debt investment banking company. When a client initiates a fund raise, they create a standard term sheet template and circulate it for comments with the counter-parties (e.g.: investors, lawyers, auditors).

Vivriti Capital will then coordinate and finalize the term sheet taking all the comments and changes into consideration.

The problem:

Vivriti Capital needed a robust solution that would help them manage and negotiate term sheet covenants for financial instruments like NCD (Negotiable Certificate of Deposit) or CP (Commercial Paper) finance for their clients.

They used to rely on Microsoft Word and had to upload and download contract and agreement templates every time—a time-consuming task—to achieve their workflow.

The added issues with data consistency, information sharing, and lack of customization eventually led them to move away from Microsoft Word and look for an alternative solution.

The solution:

Vivriti Capital considered multiple vendors, but finally zeroed in on Zoho Writer: a powerful, online Word processor offered by Zoho as part of its Office Integrator Solution.

Zoho Writer's advanced collaboration tools and review features coupled with great support was perfect for Vivriti Capital's workflow for contract and deal negotiations with the counter-parties.

The Office Integrator workflow that Vivriti Capital built to run their business is as follows:

  • Upload contract and agreement templates to Zoho Writer
  • Edit templates online in Zoho Writer
  • Use Comments and Track Changes to negotiate the term-sheets and collaborate on the financial covenants

Office Integrator's custom solutions for Vivriti Capital:

Zoho Writer provided a range of flexible APIs to address Vivriti Capital's specific requirements. They include:

Status message Customization through PostMessage APIs

Vivriti Capital customized its interactions with Zoho Writer and got multiple notifications of document statuses. Vivriti Capital used document messaging APIs to notify collaborators when "Document Load is Complete" from their host page.

White Labeling

The rebranding feature enabled Vivriti Capital to add their own brand logo to the Zoho editor interface.

Custom Domain

Vivriti Capital was able to map custom domain names to Office Integrator's API request URLs (e.g., abc.zylker.com).

Customized Status Notifications

Personalized domain names and customized status messages provided them with a consistent user interface and experience. (e.g., abc.zylker.in, abc-stg.zylker.in, abcstore.zylker.com)

The results:

  • Tangible increase in productivity with advanced collaboration and Track Changes
  • Faster decision-making with status message notifications, resulting in closing more deals in less time
  • Enhanced trust with custom rebranding and domain mapping
  • Affordable and flexible pay-as-you-go, usage-based billing