• Features
  • Free plan

    60-minute meetings with up to 100 participants.

  • Paid subscriptions Starts from   per host/month Starts from $6 user per month (as a part of Google Workspace)
  • Available subscription plans Meeting Standard, Meeting Professional Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus
  • Lock meetings    
  • Remote access    
  • Auto-generated keynotes    
  • Meeting recordings Record your meetings, play recordings online, share them with team members, and download them for offline use. Record meetings and store them on the cloud as files in Google Drive.
  • Access for recordings A unified dashboard lets you access, share, and download all of your past meeting recordings. You’ll need to access Google Drive storage to view your Google Meet recordings.
  • Whiteboarding Built-in whiteboards help you brainstorm, discuss, and collaborate right within online meetings. You’ll need to initiate a “Jamboard” session and ensure that all meeting participants redirect to the jam link.
  • View past meetings All users in both the free and paid plans get a comprehensive view of all upcoming and past meetings in one place. Only users in paid plans have access to a log of all past meetings. Google Meet users with personal Gmail accounts cannot view a list of past and upcoming meetings.
  • Remote access Remote access allows meeting participants to interact with the presenter's screen and collaborate on documents and presentations. Google Meet doesn’t have built-in capabilities to provide remote access in meetings.
  • Integrations Zoho Meeting is tightly integrated both within the Zoho ecosystem and with day-to-day apps such as Gmail, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. Google Meet is part of the Google Workspace.

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  • Google meet alternative - Zoho Meeting Vinko Tosevski, Founder, Psephisma Health

    The process of switching and getting used to Zoho Meeting was smooth and without any issues. The user interface was and still is very intuitive.

  • Google meet alternative - Zoho Meeting Anita Campbell, Founder and CEO at Small Business Trends

    Neat! Zoho Meeting is finally a true alternative to Zoom and GoToMeeting! I am so excited and I tried it out today.

  • Best Google meet alternative - Zoho Meeting Vinny Reddy Pacifecon New Zealand

    If you use Zoho CRM, then this meeting process makes it so much easier to book a meeting. All the details for the meeting are already in the system. So fast and easy. Also, every operating system seems to handle this well without any glitches. I am yet to find a customer who has not been able to connect so far. Hence I am extremely happy.

  • Best Google meet alternative for video conferencing - Zoho Meeting Dennis Freeman, Homework Coach

    Perfect for what I need, short one-on-one training for new contractors. It's quick and easy to initiate a session, and I haven't run into any technical issues.

  • Free Google meet alternative - Zoho Meeting Tolik Rozensteins, Security & Vetting Solutions Ltd

    Very useful meeting tools. As we use Zoho CRM for our CRM and accounts, it was an easy choice to use Zoho Meeting as well. Very good for remote demos.

  • Free Google meet alternative for video meeting - Zoho Meeting Chandra Sekar CJ, Manager Compliance

    We have used various international products but never seen such crisp and user-friendly options. Also, the support provided by Zoho team is outstanding. 

More reasons to choose Zoho Meeting over Google Meet

Let's take a closer look at how Zoho Meeting stands out with its cost-effectiveness, comprehensive features, security focus, and seamless integrations, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking for an efficient video conferencing solution.

Track all meetings

Monitor all of your past and scheduled meetings in one place with your Zoho Meeting account. Unlike Google Meet, all free and paid subscribers of Zoho Meeting can browse through the Meetings tab to keep track of all completed and upcoming meetings.

Scalable pricing

Zoho Meeting's dynamic pricing model allows you to choose a subscription plan that suits your exact business meeting requirements. Only pay for what you use by choosing monthly subscriptions based on the number of participants, from 10 to 250.

Lock meetings

The lock meeting feature helps meeting hosts protect meetings from hackers and other online intruders. New participants cannot enter a locked meeting without the meeting host’s permission. Google Meet does not allow meeting hosts to lock meetings.

Easy access to recordings

Record your meetings and quickly access them in an unified dashboard. Unlike Google Meet, where recordings are stored separately on Google Drive, Zoho Meeting makes it convenient for you to play, download, and share recordings right from the Recordings dashboard.

Built-in whiteboards

Engage in real-time collaboration using the built-in digital whiteboards provided by our online meeting software. Similar to screen sharing, you can brainstorm on a live whiteboard without navigating away from the meeting tab, which is the case for a Google Meet's Jamboard session.

AI-powered meeting keynotes

Get a quick, point-by-point summary of everything discussed in an online meeting using auto-generated keynotes. This AI-powered feature allows you to easily gain insights into a meeting without having to sit through the entire recording or browse through the transcript.

Customizable video feed

Zoho Meeting offers multiple layout options, such as Active Speaker, Tiled, Topbar, and Sidebar, to customize your meeting video feeds. Additionally, you can pin up to eight participants during a meeting, a feature that’s not available in Google Meet, which limits users to pinning a maximum of six participants per session.

Integrations that prioritize productivity

Zoho Meeting is tightly integrated with Zoho apps such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Connect, and Zoho Projects. Our comprehensive meeting solution is also integrated with popular business applications like Gmail and Slack.

Emphasized security

Connect and communicate over secure online meetings with Zoho Meeting. Audio and video on both the host and participant ends are protected with DTLS-SRTP encryption. Zoho Meeting also offers two-factor authentication to provide an additional layer of security.


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