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  • Five Tips To Improve Your Marketing Teams' Productivity

Five Tips To Improve Your Marketing Teams' Productivity

  • Last Updated : September 12, 2023
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Five Tips To Improve Your Marketing Teams' Productivity

Marketers are the brand ambassadors for any business as they translate the brand's value to people through blogs, social media, ads, emails, events, and other channels. Having a productive marketing team is critical for brands to reach people, convey their value, and capture the market.

This blog post is written for marketing managers and any marketing professionals who always go the extra mile to build a high-performing marketing team and strive to produce extraordinary results. We hope these actionable tips will help you to improve your marketing team's productivity.

1) Start your day with high-priority tasks

Our focus and energy are limited for a given day, so start your day with high-priority tasks that require the most concentration and thinking. After accomplishing them, focus on the lighter tasks that do not require as much effort.

Let's take a real-life example: if you are planning to send an email campaign, copywriting and audience selection are the two main factors that will determine its success.

Writing content for the email body and subject line is the most important task as it requires extensive research and thinking, whereas segmenting the audience is much easier in comparison and requires less thinking, so it makes sense to write the content first and segment the audience later.

I am sharing my to-do list here. I try not to add more than five tasks per day, and the first two tasks are always the most high-priority ones that need my full concentration:

Takeaway 1: Focus more on the few high-priority tasks so you can use more of your energy on important items and produce the best output.

2) Automate or delegate mundane tasks

Most marketers spend half of their working hours on tasks like fetching reports from analytics, building pivots and charts on spreadsheets, and emailing or sharing documents on communication platforms.

Some of these tasks like fetching reports and sharing key metrics with the team can be automated with the right marketing software, while other tasks like building dashboards or monitoring campaign performance can be delegated to a separate team who can keep you updated with the latest numbers from campaigns to enable you to make informed decisions.

This means you can reserve your time and energy to focus on creating high-value content and not on some manual and error-prone tasks.

Takeaway 2: Automate as much work as you can and delegate the work that doesn't require your attention.

3) Collective effort gives you exceptional results

Marketing teams can never produce results by working in silos. Content writers have to work with social media marketers to understand the pulse of their page followers so they can create engaging content for them. Demand-gen marketers should work closely with the sales team so they can understand the conversion rate from different channels, identify the top performers, and implement what they have learned in future campaigns.

This type of collaboration can be achieved by:

  • Keeping all the campaign data accessible to everyone, so the whole team knows what content and channels are performing well.
  • Planning and distributing tasks to team members on Kanban boards, making sure the boards are visible to all the members of the marketing teams, so two or more members can collaborate and work together on a more complex task.
  • Managing all the work-related communication in one place, so ideas and creativity can easily flow among team members.

Implementing these three pointers will allow marketing teams to collaborate more, work together, and deliver better results.

Takeaway 3: Keep campaign data, marketing collaterals, and marketing activities visible and accessible to every member of the marketing team.

4) Use a unified marketing platform 

A unified marketing platform is a solution that usually includes all the marketing tools connected together in one place to help you manage your end-to-end marketing.

Unified marketing platforms like Zoho Marketing Plus include tools to help you create and send email campaigns, manage social media, host webinars and events, measure campaign performance, manage your marketing team and communication, and more... all on one screen.

This means your marketing team can seamlessly collaborate and work better, spending less time scrabbling for the information they need and more time creating high-value content. And most of the mundane work and spreadsheet juggling can be automated in Zoho Marketing Plus.

Adapting to a unified marketing platform will help you tick off the other three productivity tips we've shared so far.

Takeaway 4: Take advantage of a unified marketing platform to improve your marketing team's productivity.

5) Build a happy team

This should be the most important takeaway from this write-up: Teams that are happy are generally much more productive. It is a collective responsibility of every team member to keep their team happy.

Happiness is subjective, and it varies with the person. The best way to build a happy team is to have a 1:1 session with each member so you can get a feel for their current level of happiness and work out how to fulfill all their genuine expectations.

Here are some generic tips to work as a happy team, especially with remote work:

  • Have frequent non-work catch-ups.
  • Show your appreciation for your team members often. This can motivate them to deliver more.
  • Show empathy to team members and remember that pandemic anxiety and work-from-home burnouts are still affecting people's lives.
Takeaway 5: Together build a happy marketing team at work as productivity is a byproduct of satisfaction and will automatically go up with their happiness level.

Don't forget to tell us in the comments if you have any other tips to improve marketing teams' productivity.

We wish you a happy and productive year ahead!

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