Zoho Mail Suite: Get a custom email address

Zoho Mail Suite is a business-focused email service provider where you can add your own domain and create a custom and unique—yourname@yourdomain.com—email address. This allows you to build trust among your customers and empowers you to streamline your brand's identity and voice. Know more about why you need a custom email and what it can do for your business here.

In order to create your own domain-based email address, you need a domain.

  • If you already own a domain, you can simply add it during or after the sign-up process.
  • If you don't own a domain, you can purchase one via Zoho Mail. In this case, you will not have to configure the MX records or prove domain ownership. These records will come pre-configured and will be automatically taken care of.


If you don't want to purchase a domain via Zoho Mail, you can purchase it from the registrar of your choice and proceed using the steps here.

Add a domain you already own

Things to note:

  • You should have access to the domain's DNS page. You will be required to prove the domain's ownership by adding a CNAME or TXT record.
  • If you are hosting your email in another service and looking to migrate, adding the domain and proving the ownership will not affect email delivery.
  • To start receiving emails in Zoho Mail, you need to point the MX records of your domain to Zoho Mail. You can check your MX records using an MX lookup tool to check if your updated MX records have reflected on your DNS manager.
  • Without access to the DNS Manager of the domain, email hosting cannot be done for the domains/ subdomains. Hence email hosting cannot be done for some blogs (free blogger.com/ blogspot.com or other third-party hosted blogs) and website pages, where the DNS records cannot be modified by the blog writer. 

To add a domain to your account after sign-up,

  1. Log in to the Zoho Mail Admin Console and navigate to Domains.
  2. Click Add and enter your domain name in the pop-up.
  3. Once done, click Add.


If you own the domain and get an error while adding it in the Admin Console, reach out to support@zohomail.com to prove your domain ownership. Some of the possible reasons for not being able to add a domain are listed below.

  • Domain already exists in the same organization.
  • The domain is already in use in another Zoho Mail organization.
  • The domain was recently removed from a Zoho Mail account. In this case, wait for 24 hours to add the same domain back to Zoho Mail.

Once you successfully add the domain to your organization, you need to:

After successfully proving ownership and pointing MX records to Zoho Mail, all emails sent to the configured address will get delivered to your Zoho Mailbox. 

 Check out Zoho Sites to get a brand new website for your business with the new domain. 

If you already have a Zoho account and want to add a domain and set it up as an organization account, log in to Zoho Mail and click the link 'Enable Mail Hosting' on top of the page.

Set Primary Domain

Zoho Mail allows you to add multiple domains under a single organization. This allows you to manage multiple businesses with different domains under the same account.

For example, say Zylker Corporation has two major businesses—Zylker Travels and Zylker Productions with domains "zylkertravels.com" and "zylkerproductions.com" respectively. You can add both domains under the same organization with any one of them being the primary domain depending on your choice.

To set a domain as the default domain,

  1. Login to the Zoho Mail Admin Console and navigate to Domains
  2. Hover over the domain you want to set as Primary and click the star icon.

Once done, in all the places where a domain has to be selected, the Primary Domain will be set as the default with other domains available in the drop-down.

 Learn more about advanced features like  Domain Aliasing and Subdomain Stripping for better email management.

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