Zoho Mail - Custom Email for your Domain

Zoho Mail Suite - Custom email for your domain

Mail, Calendar, Tasks, and Notes

Zoho Mail suite is a business focused email service with essential administrative controls and features. It provides an excellent and powerful medium for communication between the members of the organization and to the external contacts, yet is simple to use. Zoho Mail is a package of a suite of applications listed below along with Email.

  • Calendar – Event creation, invitation, notifications, Group Calendaring etc.
  • Contacts – Managing personal contacts, Organization contacts, Frequently used Contacts, Chat buddies etc.
  • Tasks – Creating tasks, reminders for self and other team members, Managing group tasks, tracking and assigning etc.
  • Notes – Small pinup notes for self/ group for current and future references.
  • Chat – Allows instant messaging within the members/ groups or instant communication.

Custom Domain-based account:

If you are yet to sign up for a Zoho Account, you can get started by choosing one of the plans from either the Zoho Workplace Pricing page or the Zoho Mail Pricing page.

Signing up with a domain you already own:

  1. After you pick the relevant plan, click the Sign Up with a domain I already own option. 
  2. Enter the domain name of your choice and click Add. 
  3. Enter the registration details as requested, and click Proceed.
  4. A summary of your Contact Details, the Plan that you have chosen and the Domain Details will be listed.
  5. Check if all the details are correct, and click Sign Up.
  6. Follow the payment procedure and continue with setting up your domain in Zoho Mail.

If you already have a Zoho account, log in to www.zoho.com/mail. Click the link 'Enable Mail Hosting' on top of the page, to add a domain and set up an organization account.

You can also add a domain from the Domains section in the Control Panel if you already have the Control Panel link in the top of the page. In the Control Panel, Click Domains from the left pane to view the domains section. 
The domain you add should be the one you already own and have access to the DNS. You will have to verify the ownership of the domain, before proceeding with the other steps to create the custom email accounts (you@yourdomin.com). Adding and verifying the domain in Zoho does not affect the existing email service or incoming emails of your domain. You will start receiving emails only after you configure Email Delivery (change MX records) of the domain. 

Without access to the DNS Manager of the domain, email hosting cannot be done for the domains/ subdomains. Hence email hosting cannot be done for some blogs (free blogger.com/ blogspot.com or other third-party hosted blogs) and website pages, where the DNS records cannot be modified by the blog writer. 

Buy a new Domain

You may choose to buy and register a new domain with Zoho, in case you are yet to get an own domain. The DNS settings will be pre-configured and you can directly set up the account. Learn more.

You may also check Zoho Sites for getting yourself a free website to get started with your new domain. 

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