MX Lookup - Lookup the MX records of any domain

Lookup the MX records associated with any domain, for which you want to check the Mail Provider details. MX Lookup helps you to check the MX records of the domain, and thereby troubleshoot any email delivery issues that you face with the domain. 

MX Lookup or MX Records Lookup

MX Lookup tool is designed to check the MX records of any domain that you provide, to find out the email servers/ providers of that particular domain. 

MX (Mail eXchange) records are DNS records attached to a domain, that help the domain owners to set the email servers to be used for their domains. The other sending email servers do a MX Lookup to find out the email servers and deliver the domains to these servers, based on the priority settings.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding MX Lookup

  • What are MX records?

    MX records or Mail eXchange records are the special DNS records that denote the email servers corresponding to a domain. There can be multiple MX records for the same domain with different priorities. This information is dependent on the email provider you use and need to set in the domain's DNS based on their recommendation. 
  • What does the priority denote in MX records?

    All MX records have 2 parts -  a hostname and a priority number. The hostname is an email server that accepts emails addressed to the domain in question. The priority number is a value that denotes the order of priority in which the emails have to be delivered to a server. During email delivery, the server with the lowest priority number record takes precedence. In case the server with the lowest priority is not available or returns busy, then the email is delivered to the server with a higher priority. 
  • What happens when there are multiple MX records?

    When there are multiple MX records, the email is delivered to the server with the lowest priority - 0. If the hostname specified with the lowest priority is not available or reachable, the email is tried to be delivered to the hostname with the immediate higher priority and so on. You cannot setup MX records from different providers in the same priority as it may highly affect the email delivery and the domain might end up in missing emails. In case multiple email providers is a requirement, it needs to be achieved via email routing or coexistence-based setup and not via multiple MX records. 
  • Why am I not receiving emails (Zoho email)?

    When you set up your domain in Zoho, you need to configure your MX records to receive emails. The MX records will be based on your account. Login as Super Administrator and check this section to find out the correct MX records for your domain. In case the MX records are not configured, you will not receive emails in your Zoho account.

    If you have the MX records configured but still do not receive emails, refer here for further troubleshooting steps.

  • Is this MX Lookup tool free for everyone?

    This MX Lookup tool is available for free for anyone using the internet. At Zoho, we initially built this tool to help users who are setting up Zoho Mail. But we realized that it will be useful for anyone setting up or troubleshooting anything related to email, and hence this has been provided for all users.
  • How to use the MX Lookup tool to check the MX records?

    In the domain name text box, provide the domain name for which you want to check the MX and click Lookup. The MX records of the domain will be listed below the text box. You can also lookup other DNS records using this tool.